Ganja [Cannabis] CBD oil/ గంజాయి [మెడిసినా లేదా టాక్సినా] In Telugu

cannabis #canabishistory #ganja Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant used primarily for …


  1. More facts hemp
    American declaration of independence was written on hemp paper..
    First livis Strauss jeans made by hemp threads
    Henry Ford made car out of hemp plastic and run the car with hemp bio is 10 times stronger than steel.
    We can build hemp houses with hempcrete…we can make almost every product..all are bio friendly and we are saving earth by hemp.
    In india people are working for hemp future like these
    Check them
    America is already legalised medical cannabis and hemp why india not talking about it

  2. ఆపళంగా, తెలుగు రాష్టాల్లో గంజాయి ఎక్కడెక్కడ దొరకుతుందో చెబితే వెళ్ళి తెచ్చుకుంటాం. 😂 You are making very informative stuff. Keep rocking & get 1 million subscribers soon.

  3. గంజాయిని అందరూ డ్రగ్ లా చూస్తారు. గంజాయికి సైటిఫిక్ కోణం కూడా ఉందని చాలా బాగా చెప్పారు.

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