First Time Growing Weed at Home: Week 1 – Meet our New Babies!

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  1. well, this video is a year and a half old as i type this, so i'm sure you've figured it out but… more dirt in your pots please. there should be an inch or so from the surface of the dirt to the top of the pot; and water those plants. there is no possible way that you can flower all three of those plants in that silly ass 'designer' grow box. you'll be hard pressed to flower a single plant in there. and that first plant you showed looked like shit – i know you've never grown cannabis before but surely you've seen other living things? other plants? that you didn't immediately notice that that plant was a hurting unit leaves me puzzled.

  2. Alright guys so I have a few seeds saved up from some flower I had got i have like 25 seeds i wanna grow a plant so freaking bad! I'm lole obsessed about it lol all I talk about is growing a plant I just dont know where to start like so I just buy good soil throw the seed in and let it grow ? Do I need to do anything to the seeds before I use them what type of soil should I use? I need details guys I'm super excited to try this and by the way I'm going to be growing it in my room ! So please if anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it so freaking much! And by the way you guys got a new subscriber ! 🎉🎊🎆🎈 lmao but yeah I'd really appreciate the help if anyone see this and knows what I should do thanks alot

  3. ok when you know absolutely nothing about growing you should ever say that your fancy cardboard box is better then anything. first off you shoulda just got a short tent if you want tiny plants. that has to be the dumbest grow box ive ever seen. good thing you didnt have to pay for it cause its just junk. you guys make it obvious youve never grown anything before i your that ecited about below average root growth. stop trying to teach and inform when you know nothing yourself. im sure your plants turn out like crap but ima watch as you guys go. good luck and do more research.

  4. Next time you should loosen the dirt at the bottom before you put them into the pot. N you should undo the roots that grew around and around you can trim the tips. Great job. Love da video. Going to try with some vilolator kush. Just going around picking up tips and passing some out lol be corrected or not corrected. Both are the best thing because it all benefits the plant and your knowledge so I'm trying to figure something out. I got 1 female and 1 Male. Should I out them together or seperate. Seeds from same bud. Idk. Do I needa spray the plant with something to make it potent. Iv smoked homegrown weed n it doesnt get me as high as good weed. What do u put on the plant to make it sticky and tight

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