Episode 215: Enhancing The Healing Benefits Of Cannabis With Prayer

Alan Gordon is with the Healing Church of Rhode Island which strongly advocates the use of biblical cannabis and prayer. He says the healing powers of the …


  1. This guy is so wrong concerning Cannabis being referred to anywhere in the bible. It is never directly mentioned in either the original Hebrew Old Testament, or the original Greek New Testament. It certainly is not central to Christianity and Christianity is not built on Cannabis use – that is just absurd. This guy jumps through some pretty impossible hoops to make it seem that way. Only the death and resurrection of Jesus for the remissions of sins is the central theme of Christianity and the cornerstone by which Christianity is built upon – nothing more and nothing less. If anything at all, Cannabis can easily be linked in reference to becoming a substance that can cause intoxication, which the bible clearly speaks against when it says to be intoxicated by the Holy Spirit, instead of wine – i.e. any one of many mind altering substances (Titus 1:7-8, Titus 2:2-6, Ephesians 5:18, etc.). However, as a devout Christian, I consider Cannabis to be one of God's many natural disease remedies or cures which comes from God's green earth just like Apricot seeds, MMS, Turmeric, Essiac Tea, Green Tea, etc. to cure cancer and many other diseases. So long as it's used to cure illness and not solely for it's mind altering capability, as a Christian I see no problem with using it. In fact thank God for His natural cures. Big Pharma needs to go.

  2. As a Christian,  I know God wants us well.  He gave us all plants but God is the ultimate healer.  He will meet you where your faith lies.  Pray and believe in Him and receive Him as your Savior!

  3. whether you believe in Christ (like I do) or just mother nature…..its a gift from the ground. For thousands of years, marijuana and hallucinogenics have been used as healing process physically and spiritually. Healing mankind from man-made chemical diseases. There is NO evidence in the bible that suggests not to use cannabis.
    Whether you believe in God or not. Im confident that faith to heal with cannabis is global despite religion.
    Excellent Podcast !!!!!

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