Episode 125: He Reversed His Glaucoma With Cannabis Oil

Al Morentin from California was steadily going blind after being diagnosed as a candidate for glaucoma in the sixth grade. When he started using cannabis oil he …


  1. this is the forst time ive heard someone describe my own exp with what is called glaucoma( a name for a number of problems under one name)
    and yes its a bitch
    not interested in thc and getting 'high' but will look into this more
    i find the side effects of prescribed drops such as xalatan or lumigen
    are worse than the eye issues
    and yes no one has any empathy for people with this disease
    ive done same re self experiment for 5 yrs now
    the first time i put cbd oil in my eyes in evening the next day i could see my left rear vision mirror which was a surreal experience and very exciting
    but the cbd oil also has side effects
    id like to thank the people who made this video and al for his story
    its needed in this age of blue light exposure to eyes from young age
    the ignorance and arrogance within the specialists in the field of opthalmology is staggering and in my exp are the closest model in business terms to a mafia

  2. Al’s story is exactly like mine. He described the pain cycles and white blind cloudiness as it affects me as well. I have had 2 eye ruptures, and a cornea transplants on each eye. I now have steroid induced glaucoma as a side effect to the eye drops needed due to surgeries. I get extreme migraines, light sensitivity. I have also found a balance that has worked for me as well. I smoke strong indica flower to address the pain with in seconds. I micro dose vaping indica during the day to keep the headaches at bay. At home and in privacy i dabb or vape strong concentrates to help sleep and finding the right combo for you based on weight, pain levels, strength of strains all experimenting to find the right combo but it works. Please try it. Going blind is scary and when u find something that works gives hope

  3. OMG this guy is vegan and he reversed his eyesight?
    most older vegans are blind and bald, vegan is a no-no for nutrient density and low inflammation
    smh i can definitely get back to 20-20 vision

  4. Hello. I have been told i have high eye pressure and at some point will get glaucoma .. It worries me so much.. I get debilitating headaches/migraines and i have to take 3 different over the coybter meds just to get relief…im trying to find something to help. I just purchased cbd oil and will be trying it out today. Do you think it will work?? Did i get the right product??

  5. My daughter have glaucoma anridia and cdr she is only 8 years old she got operated trabuculartomy surgery but eye is still above 35 in both eyes only vision is left in right eye plz suggest me some treatment for my daughter

  6. I have glucoma but I hate how weed smalls and weed has my eyes burn the smoke that is so irriatating what should I do how can I get my pressue down with weed can I just use the oil will that be enough

  7. Thanks for this video, it helped inspire this mix for glaucoma and vision impaired patients:

    Jack Daniel's Eyesight (Sees With Eyes That Seem To Feel More Than They See)


    Last year I was recording a children's mix because of my niece Violet while having vision problems (58:21). I had also decided to get out of the NV MMJ program due to the new law that was being passed and that my information had been compromised because of the program. It would have also allowed me access to jobs that I could have never been considered for under the medical program. I was also being denied access to an eye drop(Canasol) that would allow me to be 100% independent. Canasol was created the same year I was born and was approved by the FDA in 1987. It worked (studies show) twice as good as anything I was currently using. I had been in the program for 15 years and I hadn't ever heard of Canasol. A doctor @ the Shepherd Eye Institute basically laughed in my face and told me that I don't use that eye anyways and would not even write me the prescription. Shepherd Eye Institute performed the surgery on my eye to place a lens implant in my eye when I was a child. The same implant that ended up damaging my eye even further recently. Dr. Shepherd fought for me just to get it approved because of my age. Now the 'doctors' that use HIS NAME, deny me medicine that would have saved my lens implant from coming out of my eye. I didnt't use it anyways, according to them. Countless time flushed down the drain over medicine derived from a plant? How much $ was pumped into my eye alone would make people sick, then to have it needlessly damaged is INEXCUSABLE. Before any of this happened, I told the people that ended up damaging my eye the most that Id be willing to take it out, if it meant that all of the patients of Nevada, no longer suffered. These same 'people' kept me from my cbd eye drops after the injury, which would have helped with pain and securing the retina.

    #1 INTRO (Sees With Eyes That Seem To Feel More Than They See)
    #2 Seeds Of Doubt (You Cant Drive With That Eye/You Might Hurt Someone/This Coming From A Person Who Thinks Its OK To Drink And Drive?)
    #3 (The Devil Is Knocking At My Door I) (Erle Eaton Is A Flying Monkey)
    Narcissists & Flying Monkeys: Why Do They Do it?
    #4 (Looking At The One Eye/Can You See me Brother?/Losing Tears
    #5 (Sow Your Seeds)
    #6 (In His Eyes The Rhyme)
    #7 (Its Not Funny Anymore) (Thanks NV MMJ)
    Globe Rupture
    #8 (If Only I Could Make You See)
    #9 (Look Into The Sky/Drunk Ass Fool Just A Punk Ass Trying To Cause Trouble/The Good Vs The Bad = Ugly
    Episode 125: He Reversed His Glaucoma With Cannabis Oil
    #10 (Catch All The Tears)
    #11 (Lacking Vision/Through My Lens/Red Eye/Deception
    #12 (Close Your Eyes)
    #13 (I Cant Stand To See You Cry/Doctor My Eyes
    #14 (What Are People Like?) (Doing Magic Like Powder In A Room Full Of Doubters)
    #15 (Spiritual Tablets/Discogs (Body & Soul/Breaking Point/Backlash)
    #16 (The Devil Is Knocking At My Door II) (You Set Him Up And Ill Knock Him Back)
    The Shining – Bar Scene
    #17 (Just Because Its So) (Moral Relativism Is Poison)
    #18 (Grooving On The Sunshine & Listening To The Rachel Flowers/Alumni/Things Aint Right
    Rachel is the artist I was discovering in my room the night of the injury thanks to Keith Emerson.
    Rachel Flowers – Hang On To A Dream (Tim Hardin/The Nice)
    #19 Outro (Sees With Eyes That Seem To Feel More Than They See II)

    Thank you: Sean Kinshella/Will, Sandy, DJ, Steve, Harper, Slick, Spooty, Qwel & Maker, Sizemore, Jarex, Brian Puchalsky, Tay, Dr. Kelly, Hawaiin Mike, Uncle Mike, Aunt Mary, Phoreyz, Rio, Perv(Cory), Aurajin+++

    The opposite of thank you: Erle Eaton (blueangels0520@aol.com)
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    Etherial (m.facebook.com/EtherealGlass)
    Shepherd Eye Institute (www.shepherdeye.com)
    Lee's Liquor (leesliquorlv.com)

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