Dramatic Pain Relief For Rheumatoid/Fibromyalgia Without Drugs – REAL Patient Story

“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present Dramatic Pain Relief For Rheumatoid/Fibromyalgia Without Drugs – REAL Patient Story …


  1. I am so happy my rheumatologist is a awesome doctor because he informed me on how important dieting is and he inform me to keep up with my vitamins like fish oil and d3,I also take CoQ10 that has been an awesome pair with the other vitamins and trust me,exercise helps you survive

  2. Every time I bring up a natural home cure or treatment for something to a doctor, they get super defensive and often visibly angry. Western doctors are smart in that they can remember useless Latin names for stuff faster than most of us. But doctors can be very defensive and immature in the face of things they don't understand or what will not buy them a new boat.

  3. Thank you for this video!! Her story is identical to mine! I have been going to a therapist who does FSM! The methotrexate did the same to me. I am now treating this holistically but diet is my weakness. I'm looking forward to the next video.

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  5. Problem with alternatives and being on low income. All doctors do like the alternative medicine and a person on low income/ welfare has to keep going to their doctor for social security benefits every two years reviews.

    500.00 a month is not enough to get by on with basic needs and buying 50 and up alternative medicine a month. Besides alternative medicine and chemicals medicine is masking symptoms . Not a cure.

    I can take this supplements, but it will not prevent pain from exercising, cleaning house, and doing my old jobs I use to do. Manual labor jobs ( restaurant, stocking shelves for wal mart, fast foods, ). N ou t everyone is talented enough to have an office job.

    Reiki healing , frequency healing sounds, and crystals healing helps ease my pain, but not a cure.

    Not everyone body and pocket book is the same.

  6. I was infected with fibromyalgia and my head pained acutely. I couldn't eradicate it after eating so many medicines. I surfed the net and came to Planet Ayurveda that gave me Fibromyalgia Care Pack and some diet tips that ceased this fibromyalgia within a week.

  7. can you get your own clip on microphones? sharing a hand held is like 1970s. (wireless, 1990s) don't be cheap. excel.
    good interview but it's lengthy and the info can be distilled in time and space

  8. I had fibro for years.. did a study on fermented foods.. went on that wagon for 8 months.. zero… fibro for many years.. i am convinced that fibro had to do with gut health.. it worked for me

  9. Perhaps this diet works for Rheumatoid Arthritis but it is incorrect to say that it works for fibromyalgia. IBS is a common symptom of fibromyalgia which means that substituting wheat pasta for pasta made from chickpeas would be the worst thing you could do. Chickpeas and beans are not good for IBS – perhaps in very small doses. Cutting out MSG would help with fibromyalgia and there exists scientific reasons and research to back that up but following the above diet will not improve fibromyalgia pain for those people diagnosed with fibromyalgia that does not accompany another auto immune disease. Fibromyalgia is very very different to rheumatoid arthritis and it may even be the case that the fibromyalgia that people with other auto immune diseases are diagnosed with is a different type to the fibromyalgia experienced by other people who have fibro without any other auto immune disease being present

  10. You know I would really really enjoy seeing these people go through what it's like to have fibromyalgia myalgia or degenerative disc disease or nerve pain and do their own quote on quote let them do it for a month and then make them come back and tell us how it's working for them

  11. I love this line of videos. I have PA (Psoriatic Arthritis) and would love to reduce my pain and feel better. I am on a biologic and would love to stop taking it if I could control the pain. Please continue your interviews with this lady. Does she have a website?

  12. What I wish was brought up at some point here (unless I missed this) is the placebo effect is real. Are the tinitures helping or are they helping because you mentally want them to help. Placebo effect has been proven over and over again. I don't have RA, but I have osteo arthritis and fibromyalgia. I have tried everything out there that is available to me that's proven, and not proven. I have tried all the supplements, all the diets, dairy free, wheat free, gluten free, grain free, and keto. None of it made a difference and I commited to each of these for a YEAR. What works for some people doesn't work for others and so much of what fibromyalgia is hasn't been defined.

    I think her thinking is somewhat flawed. Honestly, if she thinks what she does works for her.. keep doing it. You want to try a diet and see if it helps your pain… go for it!

    RA is an autoimmune disorder though, and I suspect that the reason her doctor pushed her to go back on meds wasn't to undue her progress but to stop damage you cannot see.

  13. Ohhh my! I’m so far ahead of this kind woman. Meaning? That I’ve had many of the side effects plus found some good alternatives to some of the meds.
    LYRICA. Get off ASAP! Best wishes to all who are suffering that you find your solutions quickly. 👍🏼✌️

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