Does Caffeine Make You Better At Aiming?

Can caffeine improve your aim? Dusttin of “The Dusttin Bowerman Show” says YES, caffeine CAN improve your reaction time but does that make you BETTER at …


  1. It may vary person to person but here in oklahoma I have my medical marijuana card and tbh sometimes after I smoke my aim feels even better. Although I am a heavy smoker so it doesn't really hinder me but I just figured I'd leave my 2 cents on weed not affecting my aim and possibly helping it and my decision making lowkey

  2. Yes you can. Use a GABA agonist with caffeine and this will reduce the anxiousness. Caffeine lowers GABA and upregulates the GABA receptor.

  3. Could just be me but i feel like i play so much better when im high honestly, im more focused and feel better when playing, better decisions and after im warmed up better aim too.

  4. i love black tea when im playing overwatch, it still has enough caffeine to improve my aim quite noticeably but it doesnt make me jittery or anxious like coffee or energy drinks

  5. Caffeine can also have the opposite reaction. Look into hydration levels and thermogeinc stimulus. Should give you some more info on how it may help or hinder.🤙🏻

  6. I think dosage really matters in the anxiety part, this varies greatly for individuals.

    And there's caffeine tolerance for regular coffee drinker. (my limit is 3 espresso shots a day before anything bad happens )

  7. In my experience, caffeine allows for longer sessions, helps combat “lazy aim” towards the end of the day. Also for me anxiety seems to kick in from caffeine at large doses 120mg+. It’s important to regulate your intake to ensure consistency and avoid pushing yourself to far. No food+caffeine also is a terrible combo guaranteed tilt.

  8. I view it as it can help you speed up the abilities you already possess. If you are bad at aiming you will still aim badly just faster but it you are better it can actually help your reaction time. everything is a balance though and caffeine is no exception; you can easily get shaky and start to whiff your shots

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