Doctor REVEALS How To Fast The RIGHT WAY & What Causes LEAKY GUT! | Dr. Will Cole & Shawn Stevenson

On this episode you will learn: * What metabolic flexibility is, and why it’s essential to human health. * How our ever-changing world has created a …


  1. Hi. This was actually instructional. I've been trying to research for YouTube vid that teaches everything in this vid. 👍Your video is like the vids of Dr Ethan. Doctor Ethan's videos are insightful and I really learned a lot for my practice. He is the helpful Dr in Nottingham and he talks about diseases!

    I recommend you check out his YT out and give the doc a subscribe! ➡️ #DrEthanOnYouTube

  2. Never made sense to me to eat all day and except to feel well and fit I play competitive tennis and I never eat anything before a match and I have unlimited energy and endurance throughout the match, and feel great!

  3. I cant believe how timely this is. I've just started fasting 4 days ago and intuitively eating, his information is gold and i could listen to this conversation all day. More of this please! "If you want breakfast, eat breakfast." My God!!! How freeing to hear someone say it out loud.

  4. You guys always talk about fasting from a men's perspective. Women can't fast often. Wouldn't you wanna research and share that info? OR just talk about fasting for men.

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