1. I carried one of those universal sockets around when I was doing plant maintenance, it was actually great since it did the job most of the time and it meant you didn't need to drag out a bunch of stuff

  2. Fyi when using the extender that sound was the wood creaking because of the coating on the deck screw also it's more designed for hard to reach places where not a lot of torque is required.

  3. The gator grip socket is sometimes useful for removing stripped bolts. Only thing I used it for. Got it for Christmas 15 years ago.
    How about a review on the Tite-Reach wrench in 1/4" drive? I have one, I like it a lot but I would like to see what abuse it can handle. The two ends of the tool are linked by a chain inside. I use an impact on it occasionally and it hasn't exploded, yet

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