Denver pushes for social equity in marijuana industry

A June survey, conducted by the city, found Denver’s marijuana industry severely lacks diversity with nearly 75% of licensed cannabis business owners being …


  1. Equity… notice how we don't hear the term 'Equality' anymore? Equality of opportunity. That's all most people used to ask for. Now it's equity… equality of OUTCOME. So, discriminate against certain groups of people…so that you can give unfair advantage to other groups…in HOPES that they'll make a success of it. It's funny how they never disclose WHY certain groups may not have access to capital… mainly credit. A bank doesn't like lending to ANYBODY whom they believe will will not make good on a debt…it has NOTHING to do with RACE. Remember the housing crisis… when banks were making loans to people they KNEW were not going to be able to pay? This is the sort of thing that EQUITY gets you.

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