1. O can get a license to grow ganja since it's now legal. I think a bill coming down the pipe to right those wrongs those who were incarcerated. I bought ganja ETFs

  2. Legalize it! I don't thnk it'll effect street dealers unless they let it. Evry1 in ChiCity still sellin cuz da tax is crazy. Blessings n Love from da 219!

  3. Yup…I'm from California bro…..it shut down alot of street niggaz when they legalized it…..now niggaz tryin to grow n take it out of state…or to the dispencerys(stores)…if it's good enough……

  4. Philly had Despenserys for couple year now what boul talking bout…n the thing is wit the state they make u pay taxes so a once is like 500 n it won't effect ppl that sell weird cuaz they might have better bud n now the THC count..its always gonna b cheaper buying it from then streets will always b there n cheaper cuaz it not getttin taxed…Frankford in here

  5. I agree to an extent, but there’s plenty of white people in jail for selling weed as well. You might not see them in the Philly jails because Philly is mostly black, but you look at a lot of these other jails and prisons, there’s a lot of white guys in there for sale in pot some of been in there for many years

  6. Ard know this gonna be a good chat too sit back and soak in the knowledge and gems! Always respect, admiration, divine blessings and healing homie. 215🐝🖤

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