Curaleaf-CURLF/CURA Reports Record Quarter-Year / Mexico Cannabis Update / The Scoop

HIGH TIDE CONFERENCE CALL REPLAY. I did ask the question about a reverse split. Listen to their answer and make your own decision: Encore Replay …


  1. Mailey doesn't own any CURA/CULF, but congratulations to all the Scoop Members who do!! Mailey gots a big ol' bucket of fresh soon to be ripe Blueberries right off the vine and a handful of Khiron for this next big Cannabis extravaganza!!

    Lets Go Lets Go Viva Mexico!! Arriba Arriba Aandale Aandale!!!

    Thanks for all you do Mickey!! Keep on keepin' on my brother!!

  2. I believe Blueberries will do what Hive has done in the Crypto space. The chart will look similar imho going forward. This is the power of being well under the radar and trading at a huge discount. Nobody is paying attention except our community, thanks to you Mickey D you're a true gentleman,a true genius, and very HUMBLE! we all love you dear friend!

  3. I took the benefit of the doubt on atleast 10 hackers who said they are legit and lost all my miney everyone is fake!!! I was about giving up before a friend told me about @BLACKWEBFUNDS on telegram damn I saw what I have been searching for long I just confirmed 4btc

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