1. I hate how marijuana is so stigmatized when it has been scientifically proven to be a pain killer, helps people focus more, helps depression, cannot kill u even if u take a ton of it, and is a natural herb, especially for people like this man! So how is alcohol legal considering all the damage it does! Alcohol=kills people…
    Marijuana=heals people

  2. this is kinda depressing :/ dude has stage 4, just make it fedrally legal and would solve many problems but coprate comapnys wanna make money off it so they just delay it so they have time to set up there farms 🙁

  3. that doesn't make a lot of sense. doctors and healthcare workers aren't really controlled by any law enforcement to report any illegal drug use by patients so long as it is not proving to be critically dangerous to their health to the point of death like overdosing, infact it is completely unethical and you can easily get disbarred for report if the hospital finds out they can take away your medical liscense. it doesnt make much sense how the cops got there to begin with. There is more to the video because a hospital by law can stop any searches on patients within a hospital unless it was deemed in the best interest of the patient and those around them inside the hospital for any immediate danger.

    the police were probably given a search warrant and were allowed in the hospital and everybody there and there is definitely more than just THC oil they are clearly looking for.

    if the police entered and did the search warrant non-consensually from the hospital, the hospital could easily sue the state and the police department for an insane amount of money taken to the supreme court. This would be taken in action immediately since hospitals don't desire to have their record of being a good law-abiding and clean-looking record being demolished and a video like this would severely ruin its image to other businesses tied to the hospital.

    it had to have been done consensually and there is more the patient was not revealing in the video.

  4. Cause you know, THC oil is highly illegal and so bad for you, by the way here's some fentynal, morphine, dalidid, oxycodone, and tramadol for your pain, here's some Klonopin, Xanax Prozac for your anxiety, here's some Valium to sleep.

  5. Let alone that someone calls the cops for “smelling marijuana” in the room, but at any given point, do the cops ever say they actually smell it THEMSELVES?! This is NOT enough “probable cause” to search someone. Plus, the man is already in pain and HAS a medical reason for it. What is wrong with people these days? Do your research!

  6. I think it needs to be said. I hope people see this. DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE. You will NEVER benefit from doing so. Everything you say WILL be used against you, but also CANNOT BE USED TO HELP YOU. Look it up.

  7. Do people think police officers enjoy doing shit like this?? ITS A FUCKING JOB PEOPLE! Every person who ever lived had to do something they didn’t want to do at work but you still have to do whatever your boss tells you.

  8. 'My final hour stuff is in that bag', this is heartbreaking. They're literally picking apart this dude's pre-prepared bag for when he soon dies, and they know that: yet, they choose to keep harassing him. By the way, they ARE choosing to do this. Cops ALWAYS have a choice. These are not orders by any means, cops always pick and choose what laws they want to enforce and do not want to enforce. These cops had a choice, and they chose to harass this man, cause him immense stress (which can severely shorten a cancer patients life span), all because he wanted to not feel pain while he's dying via THC use. This is disgusting.

  9. Even the guy that has cancer said that they haven’t finished the paper work for legalization of marijuana and it is still illegal I don’t see the big deal like they got a call saying there is marijuana in a hospital room they need to respond to a call like that. It sucks for the guy but the law is the law no one is above it

  10. Poor patient. This is very upsetting to see. These officers think they know the law and just go into someone’s room and unlawfully search. Was there even a warrant? This poor patient is fighting with cancer and he needs that medication to fight it. I hope these officers that were involved gets fired. And not only that but why did some punk called them in the first place

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