Cooking Italian Food with Baba! | Amanda Asad

FETTUCCINE ALFREDO Ingredients: 1 package of fettuccine pasta 3/4 pint of heavy cream Salt and pepper to taste 1 tbsp of butter 1/2 cup of grated Romano …


  1. Aslm Amanda and to your Baba.
    MashaAllah shukran Mr Asad for your beautiful recipes. May Allah Almighty bless you with good health to continue showing us to cook your way, Alhamdulillah

  2. Cooking with Baba😘, I can all ready tell it'll be my favorite series. Thank you both😘😘. I love the recepie and definitely will try it.

  3. 5 minutes in the video, and I was saying to myself this man must have been VERY HANDSOME growing up seeing him that handsome still today. Nice figure and good shape Mashallah.. and yeah the food looks delicioussss. He is obviously an expert. God bless!

  4. How beatiful sentences '' Allah (swt) blessed me with my wife'' .MashAAllah BarakAllah. Amazing religious article…Greetings from Turkey to your perfect Baba 🌹

  5. Your dad is so freaken adorable and precious mashAllah love seeing him in your videos and loving that this is going to be a series I made the cilantro chicken it was my first time making a whole chicken but he explained it so well I felt confident my family loved it so excited to try this as well ❤thank you for sharing this with us

  6. Can you please show us some pictures of your Baba and Mama back when they were working together etc … l really want to see Baba Asad with hair 😂

  7. So sweet to see you guys cooking together and sharing family stories👩🏻‍🍳 👨🏻‍🍳 You can tell your dad enjoys cooking because the food looks amazing. Cant wait to make it 💜

  8. This looks so so good, I will try to make it this week. Also loved how he talked about his wife. MashaAllah, only beautiful words. You can tell he and his wife raised a beautiful good-hearted family. Love listening to his wise words and stories. Tell him he is a beautiful person, in and out ❤️ Love from the Netherlands.

  9. Leena is soooo much like her baba and loren a copy of her mom… And Amanda and naeem basically look exactly same hahaha so cute 😘😘😍❤️❤️ lovvve baba… We want more of him and his recipes please.. Also when he looks directly at the camera at 5:17 ❤️ it's as if he's smiling at me 😁 lost my angel my dad, may Allah grant him jannah…. And may Allah grant a long healthy life to your baba, Aameen

  10. Wow sooo delicious MashaAllah and your baba is so amazing ,i cant get enough from his stories and the way he says them ..May Allah bless him and bless y’all amanda ,thank you for the beautiful video🌹🌹

  11. I love the chemistry between you guys, it’s a father/daughter relationship that is wished for, for many ♥️ Please continue this series of cooking with your father, it’s so precious 🥰

  12. Amanda, can you please make videos about how do you deal with moving and missing your family and getting up with you schedule. I am moving 10 minutes away from my parents and I feel stuck picking up my schedul and I already suffer from missing them. It will be really helpful for girls with the same background as you because we are very family orienteded instead of indivuals. Hopefully you catch my comment and will make a video about it! Will really appreciate it. I always watching your videos as a besties you and your sisters ❤️

  13. It’s so nice to see baba and you bond while cooking but I have to say I felt a little uncomfortable for the stainless steel tongs scrapping the non stick pots and pans… not that I’m not guilty of doing that when in a rush too. 😬🙃

  14. Hi…beautiful seeing video of you and your dad it's such beautiful bond that you and your dad have…i never get a chance to do that with my father he died when i was 8 years old….please keep doing those video's there are very special ❤

  15. I have tried that baked chicken and saffron rice 3 times and that was delicious i am so happy that you uploaded cooking video again and i am trying this recipe today in shaa Allah.💖 from Dubai

  16. Delicious!
    I have been born and raised in Abu Dhabi and love Mediterranean food. Being a Pakistani, I love cooking it for my family. Please do these types of videos once a week.

  17. Everything looks so good 😊 I’m definitely going to follow your baba’s advice on how to win the heart of your husband, so funny! My husband is Jordanian so I’m looking forward to your Ramadan video and how to make Knafa!

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