Cook Multiple Things at Once in Your Instant Pot | Pot in Pot Method

Have multiple items to prepare for dinner? A traffic jam at the Instant Pot? With the Pot in Pot method explained here, you will learn how to cook multiple things at …


  1. I love how unpretentious you are! You make me laugh at how you critique your own videos. Thank you for the extra time you invested in summary slides for key points — those are very helpful. You are one of my favorites! You give great tips and the rationale behind why you have your opinion. You have the heart of a teacher. LOVE THESE VIDEOS. Keep going please ;0)

  2. I love your no jibber-jabber style. Just the facts ma’am is exactly my style!. Thank you. This video answered so many of my questions as a new IP user. I am so grateful for all these tips, the recipes on the blog, and now I’ve discovered the FB group.

  3. We eat a lot of Chicken breast and rice or potatoes. Can you put the chicken breast on bottom and rice or potatoes cut up in pan on trivit and cook together without getting burn notice

  4. Love your video trying to decide if I should get an instant pot or Ninja Foodi I am wondering how you can layer foods for dehydrating which is a huge feature I’m excited about using in the instant pot with the air crisper. I know that the ninja foodie has racks special for that feature. Just wondering your thoughts

  5. I love your videos, binge watching:) and if you say that thing don't need to be browned before pressure cooking (in another video) and it relates to one of most flavourful cuisines in the world, I am sold! Waiting for my Ninja Foodi now.

  6. Hi Urvashi, I am planning on getting an 8 litre/8 quart IP. Can I use a 6 litre/6 quart IP inner pot bowl as the PIP container? This would be in order to cook recipes written for a 6Q/6L, rather than scaling up the recipes? I don’t want to cook large batches.

  7. Urvashi Dear… you are amazing. Right now I am reading your book called "Instant Pot Fast & Easy." I was so elated when my daughter presented me with this awesome cookbook. Recipes from around the world!!! I was super excited when I realized it was filled with international recipes! Especially, Indian recipes!
    Also, with your blessing, and as requested in the 'acknowledgments", I would like to thank John Kasinger and Diane Mastel for doing such excellent work taste-testing all of these delicious recipes.
    Thank you, again, Urvashi.
    *hugs Vicki

  8. I use a Pyrex 7 cup bowl all the time to cook my steel cut oats, with cinnamon and raisins. If the dish can placed into the oven, then it’s safe for the IP. But as she says, not all glass can go in. I love my Pyrex 7 cup bowl, because it comes with a plastic lid for food storage. Also, there’s no mess to clean in the IP…

  9. Hi Urvashi, we are a family of two adults and one toddler. And we do have families coming once a year and guests probably once a year to visit us. I wanted your help in deciding two things. 1) there is instant duo model and instant nova model. Which one is better. 2) whether to purchase a 3qt or a 6 qt. thank you!

  10. I love your videos because of how thorough and concise you are as well as how well enunciated, articulate, and you are an eloquent speaker and presenter. I feel like I'm in a home economics class but at university level. I subscribed and will share your videos. 🙋‍♀️🤩

  11. So helpful. I’m a fairly new user and this explains so much. One question – if I haven’t got a suitable trivet, could I use balls of rolled up foil to raise the pip?

  12. I've measured the inside of my inner pot (side to side and up and down) so I know the maximum sized dish or roast I can put in there but until I put it in there I really won't know what kind of manuvering room I'll have for taking it back out. You know the old "it's easier to do than to undo". For me when you showed the 7", 6" and 5" dishes going in and out is exactly what I like to see. Thanks.

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