Converting a Male Cannabis Plant Into a Hermaphrodite…?

A quick timelapse grow log with my attempt at creating a hermaphrodite plant from a MALE cannabis clone with the help of ethephon, a plant growth regulator …


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  2. This could maybe be useful to isolate particular traits in the plants that you want to breed. Like take the best masculinized and feminized plants let them breed for regular seeds. Then those seeds should be good crosses for showing favorable characteristics. You might want to know about the masculinized plant's mother plant or females of that species to know what to look for in traits differing from the original mother plant.

  3. Great video. I've often wondered about this .. on a different note, in the video description you list items you used in this video. The very first item listed is fox farm ocean forest soil. You very obviously weren't using ocean forest in this video to fill those pots. So what was it really that you used? Looked like something from a home improvement store of some sort.

  4. I'm curious, as to the plants in the other grow areas that was accidental pollinated.. What will those seeds produce????. …….

  5. It would be interesting if you, or anyone, could get this to work, that would help with people who don't have feminized seeds, or to make a hermie if it worked properly to make feminized seeds

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