Chronic Diseases Talk with Dr. Steven Phillips (Lyme, COVID Long Haul and More)

Chronic Diseases Talk with Dr. Steven Phillips (Lyme, COVID Long Haul and More) We will have Dr. Steven Phillips with us once more. Today we will have a …


  1. Hmmmm. This is a bit misleading, the title might better be related to infectiously created chronic disease. It is definitely not covering even half of autoimmune chronic diseases plaguing the US/anti-biotically overdosed populations. (ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatic diseases, psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis, lupus, etc). Please let me know if I missed something.

    Thankfully an Amazon reviewer who had purchased 'Chronic' explained online that the subject of the book does not apply to a long list of progressively degenerative autoimmune diseases. And, sadly, the MD's have immune suppresants which are indeed dangerous/risky, and may or may not work, in their quiver and not much more.

    Meanwhile, patients fiddle around the edges with their diet (difficult to identify appropriate inputs), try 'immune modulating' supplements that may or may not work, but really, for the most part, they are missing large portions of their microbiome. FMT is not available from the Western's, and finding a healthy donor in the Western world is challenging.

  2. Wow, I was glued to my seat, VERY informative overview with every day questions that matter and you don't get to hear that much, thanks Dr Been and Dr Phillips, enjoyed it.

  3. Dr Been.. Thank you for being so Altruistic in spending so much time in research and helping us during these crazy times when all our so called leaders have lied and abandoned and betrayed us. Never in the history of the world have we been in greater danger.. Much worse than WW 1 and WW 2 because today Our enemies are WITHIN! Over 500,000 lives and countless others could have been saved by prevention, cheap medicines etc. etc. Yes They are way way worse than ISIS and the Nazis and have BLOOD on their hands and will eventually pay for this.. Also please thank your mother and father for giving us such a dedicated and strong voice to fight on!

  4. If you bought the hardcover book of "Chronic" there is a Chapter 9 content covering COVID written after the book was sent to the publisher. Search "chronic book covid chapter" on Google to find it.

  5. I suppose neither of these two doctors wants to have their licenses revoked or be canceled from social media so I will assume that is the reason why neither one says outright that the Covid pandemic could be ended both in terms of its impact on healthcare and economics if pressure from political and pharmaceutical lobbies were ended and the FLCCC Ivermectin protocols were allowed for Covid patients worldwide.

  6. It is very likely that we all carry a 'zoo' of occult/dormant bugs (reminds me of of the 'miasma' theorie of homeopathy) that become active at certain stages. As the gut microbiome is such a significant player in our immune integrity I wonder to what degree alterations (e.g. dysbiosis) in the bacterial (and other) flora in the gut can modulate the activity or dormancy of any one or more of these occult species. It may be that a healthy flora may act to suppress these bugs whereas an unhealthy one might not and hence render us vulnerable to their 'awakening' and causing the chronic issues mentioned.

  7. I thank you Dr. Mobeen for allowing us to listen to Dr Phillips for free. He is very costly …. Dr Phillips isn’t a doctor who all people could access for Lyme or for Ivermectin prescription or for chronic illness. He charges over $2000 per visit . It is a shame. Even Dr Burzynski in Texas who has a very unique method to cure cancer charges $1200 for an evaluation visit. Those are doctors for the wealthy…very lucrative….Dissapointed!

  8. With all due and great respect for Dr Phillips and Dr Syed, I would like to say that not all autoimmune illnesses are based on occult infections. Many autoimmune diseases, as shown by Dr John Mcdougall, Dr Roy Swank, Dr Saray Stancic, Dr Brooke Goldner and others can be reversed with a whole plant based diet that restores gut microbial health.

  9. Thanks docs! I'm sure cronic must be a best seller since I heard 60% of medical costs are associated with cronic illnesses. Then again I also heard a large part of those are lifestyle related, so I guess one cause of cronic disease is junk food.

  10. Thank you ! I will add something important about some chronic illness. I have struggled for 23 years, was bedridden for a year, was a clinical diagnostic microbiologist. More recent , I Led a support group for 13 years. Structure and function is important – especially considering how the CNS functions. The great osteopaths ( Sutherland / Upledger) contributed the information : basically there is reciprocal motion between the sacrum and occiput, powered by breathing. This pumps CSF from the sacral bulb back to the brain, helps regulate CNS pressures.
    So what happens in the sacrum/ pelvis influences the upper neck and lower brain. Any off set of the atlas or sacrum creates symptoms in many areas – including potential immune dysfunction. My son developed chronic illness at age 5 following a well- documented EBV infection. I developed chronic illness after a neck/ pelvis injury. We both have scoliosis. Several neurosurgeon consults for me found Tarlov cysts, small sacral foraminifera small posterior fossa, scoliosis, more. Urodynamic studies were consistent with tethered cord syndrome.

    So much to this, but details are found in the detailed volume: Chiropractic: The Anatomy and Physiology of Sacro- Occipital Technique by Jonathan Howat, DC, DICS. Found at SORSI site. One of my neurosurgeons ( who defined the pathophysiology of tethered cord syndrome, was Chief at major hospital tertiary center) read the book at my mention and commented, “ It will take 20 years.” That was 15 years ago.

    So, do the various structural issues put tension on the dura- meningeal system and result in poorly functioning blood/ brain barrier ?

    So much to this. Would love to talk more. Thank you both, again.

  11. I'm getting a copy to pass on tothe Rheumatology Dept at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge (once I've read it), and may get another for the medical group my General Pracitioner is a part of, depending on how the suggestion is recieved.

  12. Babesiosis. Look for inserts of Babesiosis in Covid.

    China sequenced Babesiosis in 2019 in a Wuhan lab from the saliva of infected bats.

    Why? Only 450 reported cases known world wide. Most Dr’s & scientists have never seen it

    No need for a tick bite, the virus itself is the vector.

    Someone look for Babesiosis under an electron microscope in a sample of SARS CoV-2.

    Research Babesiosis, it is EVERY reported “anomaly “!of Covid symptoms.

  13. @ Jax El Reply about infectiousness vs vac pas from chat;

    Active Immunity CDC, search words


    Active immunity results when exposure to a disease organism triggers the immune system to produce antibodies to that disease.

    Option 1:

    Exposure to the disease organism can occur through infection with the actual disease (resulting in natural immunity),

    Option 2:

    or introduction of a killed or weakened form of the disease organism through vaccination (vaccine-induced immunity).

    Reinfection being part of the Immune Response:

    Either way, if an immune person comes into contact with that disease in the future, their immune system will recognize it and immediately produce the antibodies needed to fight it.

    Active immunity is long-lasting, and sometimes life-long.

    Memory B cell, Wiki search

    Memory B cells circulate in the blood stream in a quiescent state, sometimes for decades.[Active immunity is long-lasting, and sometimes life-long] Their function is to memorize the characteristics of the antigen that activated their parent B cell during initial infection such that if the memory B cell later encounters the same antigen, [if an immune person comes into contact with that disease in the future] it triggers an accelerated and robust secondary immune response. [their immune system will recognize it and immediately produce the antibodies needed to fight it]

    Can you still transmit Covid-19 after vaccination? On the BBC:

    In fact, most vaccines do not completely protect against infection, even if they can prevent symptoms from appearing. As a result, vaccinated people can unknowingly carry and spread pathogens. Occasionally they can even cause epidemics.

    And the same counts for people that beat the real virus. Immunity against SARS-CoV-2 is not Sterilizing immunity ! You do respond by making neutralising antibodies that sterilize virus particles by blocking the spikes. But antibodies are a response mechanism AFTER the virus is detected and thus is a RESPONSE to an infection. Hence an infection first has to occur for the virus to be detected by the T memory cells that will activate the either T helper one path of the T cells or the T helper 2 path of the B cells who start the creation on our B cells. An immune system thus first has to be triggered by a virus particle to be able to respond. As read on the active immunity part we humans gain a memory response after we get infected, either with the real active virus or with the vaccine induced spike as example that the mRNA vac orders the body to create. THAT is the whole reason why a vaccine needs a particle in it or a representation of such a particle. As it's an introduction or challenge of the virus to the body so that the body learns to recognize this specific virus you get infected with or get a vaccine for.

    Thus giving people a vaccine that already recovered from an infection with the real active virus is unneeded. These people already were introduced to this virus and have responded that caused them to recover. An active virus can replicate itself after infecting our cells. The spike only you get from the vaccine can not replicate. So the active virus will have an ability to spread in us while the spike only can not as it's only the hand of the virus. So vac is a local infection in the arm that wont even reach the mucous, mouth-nose area. THAT is why you do not test positive on PCR after getting the vaccine. The spikes simply are stopped by our immune system before it can even reach the mucous area. While a wild infection can be detected and will spread. If the spread is big then the body has to respond in various areas of the body. If the infection is localized in the arm then the spread is low and the needed response will as consequence be lower as well. THAT is why a wild infection response is always stronger then a vaccine induced response. BUT the risk with a wild infection is that it can cause death, while a controled infection as used in a vaccine can't replicate as its not an active particle thus can not spread and give severe forms of the virus. YET it still can introduce the body to the virus so that we gain an immune response to be prepared for when the harmful active virus infects us. And so that those that recovered wont keep getting severe symptoms caused by the same virus.

    Duration of our response:
    As read it CAN be lasting as long as we live. But with this virus we see that it mutates. Every human has a different response to the virus thus the more different people it enters the more different mutations you will get. And ones it mutates too much then the antibodies our response memorized no longer functions against this virus, And THEN our immune response no longer works. And we then no longer have a working memory response, and the virus can become severe again.

    But you then get a spike that mutates yet the shell may still be the same. So your T cells will then still offer a basic defence. The same you already see in T cell tests where we see a cross immune response induced by another corona virus that we then beat in our past. Sars1 recovered serum also responded and that was 18 years ago.

    So how long will our response last ?
    As long as the virus does not mutate too much, and through the T cells your response may be for life as it seems that more remembers the sort of virus, corona and not only the type SARS2. Will the T cell response alone be strong enough to counter a mutated strain ? I wish i knew but figure that needs more research into T cells. Fortunately T cell tests are finally starting to get used for diagnose now so we can learn. These tests been available for a year now but were only allowed for use in researches not for personal diagnose. Believe FDA already gave an okay for one of them in the USA. I still have to wait as Dutch person, but their developing their own test here now, so we'll follow.

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