CBD Oil Treating my Anxiety- Day 4, St. John's Wort- 2 months, Carnivore diet, Having Hope

Also check out my video: How St. John’s Wort Saved my Life: 1 Year after.


  1. Good stuff. Wondering if you're still going at it with the st. John's Wort? I have tried numerous things. I bought some St John's Wort weeks ago but haven't even opened it then decided to yesterday. I took my first dose and the funny thing is I forgot about it and later in the day kept thinking to myself man I feel really good. Hit me this morning that I had taken the herb now trying figure out what happened etc… I took a lot of the same stuff daily and took yesterday Also like kratom, caffeine and that's why I never thought about the Saint John's Wort but I know that stuff doesn't really hit me the way it hit me yesterday so wondering if sjw was reason

  2. Thats wonderful you feel better with your anxiety. What has really helped me especially with skin and energy is 1) no sugar (only honey), 2) I also make blended juices in the blender (made up of spinach + banana + avocado+frozen mixed berries+rice milk or almond milk (unsweetened)+ ice – this gives you a lot of vitamins and minerals – magnesium, potassium etc ). 3) I eat mostly fish and chicken (very little if no red meat). Some of these may help you too =)

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