CBD oil for pain~Oops! I overdid it again….

Sorry I have been out of commission this week (two weeks actually). This is just an update on what’s happening, how I have been, and what I am doing about it.


  1. CBD oil has changed my life! It's helped with IBS, hypermobility, sciatica, PMT, the list goes on. I buy it from The Herb Kingdom who are just really lovely guys. I get the 1200mg oil and take about 2 drops twice a day. It took a little while for it to work because of the endocannibidol system and the way it helps with pain, inflammation and mood regulation but, wow, after a few weeks I was so pleased with it.

    You may be in pain Tina but my goodness you are looking goooood woman!

  2. I feel you so much on this! I've had chronic, excruciating, back pain for 10 years now. Nothing ever gets rid of it completely, and it's so hard to explain to someone all the little ways I need to make adjustments to every day life just to not be in more pain. I have tried everything I can think of (including CBD) and nothing works as much as I'd like it to.

  3. You hide your pain well! I have a friend with bad back issues. This person finds that the pure stuff makes life liveable. My State have just made medical marijuana legal.Both my wife and I have back issues too. It's no fun! It's not easy remembering to pace yourself. If you feel you need to do more for us I have a request. Feel better first. I might miss your vids but I can wait! 😇 Says the fan from Central Ohio to the person in West PA. Sending good vibes you way! (Dating myself!)

  4. You have inflammation in your body, tina. I find that activated charcoal really helps with that. You should take it as you would any therapy, every 3 to 4 hours.just take a teaspoon per cup of water,but if you have other medications wait a couple of hours before you take it. It will absorb any toxin as well as viruses. And once the inflammation is gone the pain will be gone too. You can find it at Natural Elements on line, if you want to try it. It's also great for stings, and is being tested for snake bites. I got bit by a wasp one day and I quickly made up a paste and put it on the sting and covered the whole thing with a piece of plastic to keep it from drying out. The pain was gone in less than 5 minutes.

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