CBD FOR CATS ? – July 30th and my cat is still alive

Well its july 30th and my good old 17 years old « Boucane » who was gonna be euthanized on Nov 3 rd last fall is still surviving thanks to CBD (cannabinoïd …


  1. Hi Acadian Barber! Is your little fella still around? my cat Smokey has kidney failure and we are trying the CBD tonight. I Thank You for your video it's great information

  2. This will be so helpful to us. How do you make your raw meat for your cats? I will see about the smelts. I've tried to get him to eat raw hamburger before and he wouldn't eat it. He really likes sauces and gravies though. I'm hoping we can get both our cats to eat a raw food diet and I am going to get cbd oil right away. Can I use cbd oil from my medical marijuana dispensary? I will check into it right away. Thank you again so much. I subscribed to your channel today. I hope this finds you all well and I'm sorry about your kitty but so happy you got more time together and that he had better quality of life for the time he did. Big hugs 🤗🙏

  3. @Acadian Birder and followers, I came across this great web site for full spectrum CBD oil. Thanks to some of your compassionate followers suggestions. Here's the link Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Cats https://zatural.com/collections/cbd-for-pets/products/full-spectrum-cbd-oil-for-cats This site is also good for all pets, cats, dogs, horses etc…Sharing is caring. Together we will bring about a better world. I'm a 20 year passionate Montreal Canadian researcher for health justice and truth. I created fb page which I no longer can access but is being managed without me – Modern Medical Quackery – I created the memes myself. In loving memory of my mother in 1996, my father in 2005 and my step mother in 2008 and two brother-in-laws whom I also lost to disease. The for profits medical mafia will have plenty to answer for when God's judgment comes to all. Big pharma is being sued with multiple law suits and civil suits.
    One more thing I should mention to you my good man and all your followers, search > "The Dirty Secret About the Commercial Pet Food industry." Most commercial brand pets foods, cat and dog etc. are made with euthanized cats and dogs and restaurant scrap meats! Here's a few links: Dirty Secrets of the Commercial Pet Food Industry https://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/dirty-secrets-of-the-pet-food-industry/

    Pet Food Horror – Industry (Dirty) Secrets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX1rLZmTWTY
    Research it yourselves!

  4. Hi Acadian Birder, I saw your great inspiring video of how you saved your kitty from near death from euthanasia. We have a similar situation now with our almost 10 year old Goldie. He's lost a lot of weight and wont eat. We have to feed him liquidy form of medicated vet food via syringe. This CBD oil looks like the solution we have been looking for. He has been diagnosed by two vets with a large tumour in his chest area. I refuse to put him down. We lost two other cats recently to accidents, one drowned in our pool and the other was hit by a car. Goldie is our little boy, we love him. I will try your natural method. Thanks for sharing your great video and miraculous recovery. Will let you know how things work out for Goldie.

  5. Hi! So as you mentioned below you changed your CBD oil, also you seemed to have drastically reduced the amount (4drops) you are giving. How do you work it out, and how do you choose which CBD oil to get? Thanks!!!!

  6. Dexter, our 13 yr. old dog, gets a little stoned every other night. He takes a 50/50 mix for the CBD and THC. He seems happy. He's has fatty tumors all over him, but some of them have been there since he was 4. And he stays in bed quite a bit, but I think it's mostly because it's a really comfortable bed.
    What's most amazing is how much better his poop looks since starting on CBD. Not too wet, not too dry…just right and pretty regular.

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