1. I notice when I dab on CBD I get an immediate “calming” feeling over my body and it does a good job preventing anxiety, but if I already have it then it takes a good chunk away but not all of it.

    CBG on the other hand gives me this clear “focus” feeling, I notice it does a good job at preventing anxiety as well but not as good as CBD. Combined them both and you get a nice little entourage of the two.

    Here in the states a lot of people charge up the ass for CBD even though it’s much cheaper and you need much more CBD than you would THC to achieve its effects, yet dispensaries will literally charge the same as THC products.

    I’m not sure if it’s possible for others in the UK (other than RSO SOS Clearly lmao) but in the states CBD/CBG/CBN are legal so we can buy from reputable online farmers, so it’s highly suggested to buy pure CBD or CBG isolate powder like SOS has here (literally pure CBD, 90-99% per gram) since you can buy 10grams for $50 or 28 grams for $90. Seriously, that’s 9000mg of CBD for $50 (or a whopping 22,500mg of cbd for $90!!) which sounds a lot better than that 1gram 44% CBD cart (440mg of CBD) that people buy for $50. Isolate powder is the way to go when it comes to medicating.

    The cheapest you’ll see tinctures here for example is like a single 300mg cbd tincture for $30-$40, yet I can spend $50 and make 15 bottles of 600mg cbd tinctures with CBD isolate.

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