Cannabis Stock Q&A & Discussion, Updates! | TRUL, CURA, GTII, CL

0:30 Intro, Welcome To Mary! 1:30 How did you find Blaze Capital! 2:00 CRSP stock, Crispr stock review 2:55 GRWG stock, GrowGeneration, Why do you like it?


  1. Portland's Sanctuary City policies are working out really well. Between BLM, Antifa, Anarchists, Hobo's, & Illegal aliens, Portland's Rose City looks more like Mexicali's war zone every day.

  2. Great content. I'm very bullish on the us sector 90 % hold. 10 % Cgc and vff also. Only because they both will be in the US. With these laws passing soon. Very much upside on it's way. Good things coming.

  3. Mary is such a great example of a person who puts in the effort and gets results! Even though she has had touch times, she moves forward and does a great job staying positive!

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