Cannabis Sentiment Is Rapidly Changing, MSOs on Sale, Study Finds CBD Inhibits Virus Replication

Timecodes: 00:00 – Intro 00:30 – More Positive Cannabis News in Mainstream Publications 6:00 – Legislative Progress, Naturally Moving at a Turtle’s Pace 7:00 …


  1. Yo man,

    So VFF missed earnings … and I have to say thanks pal, because without you showing me where to get the sales data in Canada, i'd be concerned about Q1 this year … but having already watched it play out, I almost think the dip from yesterday and today represent a small inefficiency.

    Hopefully someone gives finance a slap and tells them to get their A-Game on for the upcoming, because it could get wild.

  2. Now I'm worried that too many positive catalysts will be used up while still on the OTC… so completely wasted, and as you can see, last 6 weeks we've gone nowhere (at least Cresco hasn't). By the time we uplist, NY will already have legalized, so we're way missing out on big hype like that. Not good.

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