Cannabis reduces brain inflammation and slows the aging process

Cannabis has not only been shown to reduce inflammation in the brain but also stimulate neurogenesis. Of course like anything moderation is key.


  1. I am 42 but everyone thinks i am in my 20s. Vegetarian. I don’t eat a lot. Perhaps this could be why? I have a major sweet tooth and love my sugar. I will often save half my meal to eat later. I snack. But maybe the less calorie intake helps. 👍🏼

  2. Coffee has pre-biotics which healthy forms of probiotics love, and the types of healthy probiotics which love coffee based pre-biotics, benefit the brain and cognitive function. Per Brain Maker by Dr Perlmuter

  3. Right on brave souls! Bye bye big pharma being the ONLY game in town cause here comes the light…. the knowledge of truth is FINALLYYYYYYY freelybeing distributed amongst the formerly brainwashed, ignorant masses

  4. I knew it! Last year I was in a car accident and diagnosed with whiplash. Turns out I also had a pretty bad concussion (that was overlooked on the day of the accident) until progressively worsening symptoms made me go back to the doc to find out what was up. Prior to that second appointment, however, my worsening symptoms included some really alarming things such as slack-jaw, mouth breathing, slurred speech, heavy head, neck and limbs-so much so that it was hard to lift any of them, and attempting to speak at all became exhausting. I hadn’t smoked any weed immediately after the accident but at this point (about a week later) I was so miserable I decided to smoke a little thinking that at the very least it might help me sleep. Instead, what happened was AMAZING! Within about 15 minutes of taking only one toke—my limbs became lighter, I started breathing through my nose again, talking became easy and my words were no longer slurred. The effect was so obvious, immediate and profound that I wrote down the strain and brand of what I had smoked, thinking, ‘somebody needs to study this!’ Glad to find that somebody has. Now that I know what was wrong with me in the first place, I can’t help but think that that one hit of weed probably saved me from experiencing further deterioration and potentially more damage to my brain from the swelling that was occurring unbeknownst to me – until it stopped.

  5. Hired gun. Paid off. Very sad . Fake science.. Healing everything, all diseases mental physical and gives you the fountain of youth at the same time Huh… .. Moneymaking..

  6. I just had a serious concussion about a month ago and a family friend who is a doctor recommended I try CBD to help with healing. He recommended I go through a company called Quanta so obviously I did my research before but ended up going with the company. It was much cheaper than others. Anyways, I tried it and the amount it helped was tremendous and it sped up my recovery dramatically. I recommend everyone try

  7. Washington D.C., our nations capital legalized cannabis ; for medical and recreational use, so let Cannabis  heal the United States for  everyone else!!
    The Feds are hypocritical- Every state deserves the 5,000 year old plant for helping America heal.

  8. I'm using CBD oil infusion (not smoke) for my strange sickness that's causing inflammation in body & brain. Works very effectively. I use 2 strains: Harlequin & Cannatonic … both high in CBD. Happy Californian.

  9. does anyone know whether it would be advisable to take cannabis oil a few weeks after whole brain radiotherapy for brain metastases ? I'm concerned it may effect the hippo campus and aggravate the second to second memory loss. 

  10. It does if you mix it with cancer causing substances but you are correct in that it prevents cancer. It goes in further then that in that it activates the kill instruction within the cancerous cell while leaving the healthy cells untouched.

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