Cannabis Penny Stock Changing The Game! Penny Stocks To Buy Now?

0.70 Cent Marijuana Penny Stock Changing the industry! Top Cannabis Penny Stock? Kevin breaks down BevCanna, a company coming to market with …


  1. I really don't like the videos where they have sponsored you as you are obviously partial. I understand they haven't told you what to say but you're not going to say anything negative. To be trusted, you need to be impartial and call out both sides.

  2. Check out stock ticker TANH, only $1.60 per share and they have EV busses and self autonomous driverless EV street sweepers plus their bamboo products, Revenue is growing and market cap is only 50 million plus low float..

    Best/cheapest EV/clean energy play on market in my opinion.

  3. How do you think GSAT stock?
    Can you do a video for GSAT stock?
    And put detail and what the price target ?
    What Do you think for GSAT should buy it or not ?
    Good or bad for this stock >>> GSAT

  4. I just started following you and was impressed so far. Then come Bevcana. You are not the only channel being bought by Bevcana. Check out jaycanomics. This is where you will start losing credibility.

  5. Hey Kevin you should do an update on GRNBF. I didn’t have Fidelity at the time but it sounded good when you did a video on it. Now it’s doubled. Does it still seem like a good buy? I think it does but a breakdown would be cool. One of your sponsored videos that hit a home run. 👍

  6. Would love if you did a video on the highly undervalued AI Cybersecurity stock trading at $0.94 CYRN. I cant wait til it explodes so i can say I told you so. Cuz I did. Yall should have bought it.

  7. IMO – Over Valued for a bottling company. CBD drinks are the future however these companies already exist. id look for a company with a strong US foundation. Any company in canada is pre set to loose vs a US based company. Our laws are different and more strict all around causing start ups to struggle. Its unfortunate but true.

  8. Sellout you can't trust anything sponsored how can u say your opinion is not bias. I appreciate the disclosure but if you can't offer a proper bear case it's hard to have conviction based off all the facts.

  9. Guys this is a sponsored video in case you've missed it. No problem with it being sponsored but usually you see paid promotion at the start or It's mentioned that It's a sponsored video. I couldn't see either here unless I'm blind and deaf. I knew it was sponsored because someone else was sponsored by them yesterday. The description does mention it but way too subtle for some to see it.

  10. They sell CBD drinks at my local .99 cent store but they charge $2.99. Was almost going to buy one but it feels wrong to spend $3 at a .99 cent store. Maybe next time and if I like it I’ll consider buying some stock… I’ve never had MJ and I’m a middle aged Californian. Maybe I won’t get it… and that’s why I’m a little meh on the MJ sector

  11. This looks interesting. I live in NY and they are talking about legalizing it very soon. I wanted to open my own dispensary in upstate New York, but I’m only 19. I might’ve missed the boat on that

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