Cannabis News – Can We Talk About Cannabis and Cancer? | Ep. 359 | 03-21-2019

Joe Klare discusses possible medical marijuana expansion in Texas, new studies about CBD and cancer and a long road to adult use legalization in …


  1. Google's algorithms are changing to NOT provide the TRUTH about Cannabis and Cancer. Better hurry folks, cause open access to information searches is very controlled. The stories, people, evidence & healing by cannabis WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE soon on google….spread your awesomeness and share, share, share those sacred plant stories and real HISTORY!

  2. I bet if you were to research using 3rd party services like 'Open Secrets' , you would find that Texas politicians are recieving Millions from BIG PHARMA

    Why else FORCE families to 'try' 5 different drugs b4 being able to use cbd oils?

  3. Government has declared war on the citizenry look up the NASA War documents and you'll know the truth the government is not your friend they're the enemy that's why they be legalized cannabis in the first place cuz they are the enemy

  4. If it really gets out to the world that bud cures cancer the pharmaceutical industry can just kiss their asses goodbye that's why they fought it for so long the pharmaceutical industry profits off of people at profit over people cannabis heals you without breaking the bank

  5. Joe you're a cannabis smoker it's going to be your Saving Grace cuz you have the medicine to heal yourself even if you have to do a Rick Simpson Oil style a healing you can figure it out dog because you have the open mind enough do not let the pharmaceutical industry kill you with radiation you'll show yourself budifacation

  6. Cannabis THC tells cancer cells to commit suicide it's called apoctosis and I'll tell the cell that it's live too long and it's time to die every cell has a certain time. That it can live when they live past that time they mutate into cancer cells THC tells cancer cells to die apoctosis you should make that a shirt dog is like the apocalypse but it's apoctosis I'm not sure if that's how you spell it it's close to that you should go cannabis tells cancer to die it's the apoctosis

  7. The greatest thing I ever saw how cannabis can cure cancer is look up Rick Simpson Oil he's a dude in Canada that figure it out if you cook down cannabis in a rice cooker you can make an oil that will cure cancer do you need to look up Rick Simpson Oil it's a good story you need to tell to the world dog come on Joe do the Rick Simpson Oil Story please pretty please Joe do the Rick Simpson Oil story

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