Cannabis (for nerve damage disease)

I wanted to make this video to help break down the stigma surrounding cannabis. Especially when CBD oil which has helped so many and has no side effects is …


  1. Poppies, Heroin, Morphine have been used on the battle fields since before world war one. It's used in hospitals medicinally. It's also used by folks who fill diabetic needles and stick it in their arms abusively. Too many people associate the use of marijuana with Woodstock and Hippie stuff (1960's propaganda). When you experience chronic pain, there's three options; 1) live without pain relief or 2) take opiates as prescribed by your pain management Doc (and deal with any adverse side effects) or 3) seek an alternative. I've done all three. (Alternative three works best for me–and 'no' I don't smoke). It's easy to judge someone else when you're pain free. God has given us medicines from the earth and a wise man shall not abhor them. (scripture).

  2. I appreciate your casual demeanor. Personally, I could care less what anyone else thinks. I grow the stuff in my yard and make it like I would a salve, except I add no bees wax. Recipe: add fresh (or dried) leaves in crock pot. Cover with olive oil and turn the crock pot on low for maybe 5 hours. DO NOT PUT A LID ON THE CROCK POT. When it cools, fill capsules with the oil after straining it. Ingest one to test. Ingest another as needed etc. What kind of marijuana is it? Whatever? I just know it helps with my nerve pain.

  3. it should be a human right to use cannabis it helps so many people. Smoking also helps with pain so it should never be shot down. yeah it not good for your lungs but at least people that cant afford the CBD can grow their own

  4. Thank you for sharing this information. We vote in my state very soon on the ability to use medical marijuana. I have MS, Gastroparesis and Type 2 diabetes and I would like to be able to use the medical marijuana to help with the pain I have from MS and Gastroparesis. We are a very conservative state and I believe it will fail but at least it is being discussed.

  5. I totally agree with you Gabrielle! I too am a Conservative Christian and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. It's natural. You never hear of someone being high on pot going on a rampage hurting someone else. As far as recreational use, I don't care if other people use it, but for me it's just not my thing. But for medical absolutely!

  6. I tried CBD oil for my nausea from the gastroparesis, but it didn't seem to help, and, whether a coincidence or not, the whole week that I was using it, I remained constipated. I tried to examine the foods I was eating, but there was not anything that I was eating that normally causes my constipation ( cheese, no bananas, no pizza, etc.). I might have been drinking less fluids, but I can't really be sure of that since I don't normally measure how much I drink in a day.

    I also took Marinol, which is the man-made version of THC in pill form. At the initial lowest dose of 2.5mg, nothing happened at all, so I tried 2 pills (for 5 mg) and I noticed that I was having unusually bad headaches, but not quite migraines, but still no help on the nausea. I titrated up one more time to 3 pills (7.5 mg), and I had two migraines and no relief of nausea, so I gave up on it. I'd rather have the nausea than migraines.

    I am that strange person who has the opposite side effect with drugs, though, so I wouldn't dare say that this is typical. For example, I also tried Dramamine since my prescription Transderm Scope patches do a good job of controlling my nausea two days out of 3. Unfortunately, Dramamine is normally known for causing drowsiness, but in me it actually caused insomnia, so another failure. I'm having surgery day after tomorrow and praying that if the surgery does nothing else to help me, that it will at least diminish my nausea.

  7. I am a very conservative Christian, and I have no problem with people using cannabis medicinally. I have Gastroparesis as well, and if I needed it to ease symptoms, I would have no problem with it, but I have found relief in other ways. I don't even like to take prescription drugs if I can help it! I am glad that it helps you!

  8. The effects of the vaporizer on my nerve pain is almost immediate, unlike tinctures or edibles, although it doesn't last as long. I use both. Good for you by coming out of the closet about your use and benefits that you have experienced.

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