Cafe Racer And Agent Orange Harvest #RocketSeeds #Sunwest Genetics #MarsHydro

This educational teaching lesson Is for Adults aged 21+, who grow cannabis legally for medicinal purposes only, as legally prescribed by a physician, …


  1. Bouquets of Bangin and Beautiful Budz BubB!!! Awesome and Wonderful Work! It's been a Fantastic journey watching and learning with ya along the way! Happy Harvesting! Cheers Famz!!! Much Props and Much Pretty Prize Topz!💯🔥

  2. Nice plants.
    When you use your lopper to take down your plants try putting the one handle against your leg and use the other to move the handle. That way you have one hand free to hold the plant. Tricky at 1st but caught on once I had some practice.

  3. Yup those auto pots needs to go imo, Hand watering seems to be the best way. Nice Glasses btw. When are you going to put up a hash making video? Get a Rosin press you'll love it. 😉

  4. Nice to see how the cafe racers all turned out 💚🌲 Are you running air domes in the auto pot system ? They really don't perform well without it, although you obv have some beautiful plants, and a bigger pump makes all the difference.

  5. Hey bill! I am new to your channel, love your tips and footage. Do you still do the Schwazee technique? I tried it at day one flower and day 21, I wasn’t super impressed but I seen that you leave the top two leaves and you have way better results. I think I actually took off too much which I didn’t think was possible! Do you do multiple defoliations? Sorry for long question. Love the channel!

  6. I would recommend using a pvc pipe cutter to take the plants down. It ratches as you close it making it possible to chop the plant one handed while you hold the plant up with your other hand. You have gotten better at catching them though. Keep up the good work.

  7. Thanks for sharing professor bill danksman everything in that room looks good I couldn’t wait to see the tomato plant grow I love tomatoes 🍅 and peppers 🌶 great for salsa the great forest 🌳 of green cafe racers looking great those nugs look solid and fruity yeah new plant in flower looks like it might yield a lot Asian orange 🍊 I wonder what that can taste like 👍🏽 well thanks for sharing professor bill danksman until the next video take care

  8. Nice harvest Bill. Sorry the 'AutoPot's' didn't work out for you. Never used them, but as you mentioned, in 'Flower Cycle' the correct amount and frequency of watering/feeding is crucial. Cheers.

  9. Just chopped down a sour Kush ans a GSC extreme. Ordered some new seeds to going to try GDP autos from ILGM. Got some GG some hindu Kush and my favorite tangerine Dream on the way too. Happy spring great video

  10. Autopots——- i have used them very succesfully for a while. you have some how taken a very simple system, used it incorrectly twice and then spend quite some time over the past months saying its not for you.

    its really quite simple- coco- mineral nutes – small pump inside rez to keep the nute solution moving and thats its.

    ur not suppose to keep turning it on and off, ur not suppose to use vingar instead of a proper PH down.

    its like any tool, if you use it correctly it works, if you misuse it, it will bite you in the ass.

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