Butterfly Garden Bed for Host Plants, Trying New Weed Block // Butterfly Gardening Inspirations

Adding a new butterfly garden bed for host plants while trying a new weed block makes a big difference in the look of my backyard garden. This new space will …


  1. Hi, the big box stores usually will have a sales person from the huge nursery’s come in and sell them on plants. Maybe if we collectively contacted these huge nursery’s that sell to the big box stores and tell them we want native milkweed….and that we won’t purchase tropical anymore.

  2. You can use the weeds to make liquid fertilizer.

    Chop them up, put them in a bucket of water and let it sit for about a week, then dilute it and water your plants with it.

    Test it out on one plant and if it remains healthy and grows, give it to the rest of your plants.

    Be careful not to get it on your clothes though. It stinks!! 😂

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