'Brief period of time' until states legalize weed: Columbia Care CEO

CNBC’s Brian Sullivan discusses prospects of cannabis legalization in more U.S. states with Columbia Care CEO Nick Vita. For access to live and exclusive …


  1. TBH I think it is much time canbus (LOL) gets allowed. I dont use. But if people want to have something to help their life be a lil better and NOT wasting money on synthetic Anti Depressants. Just legalize ffs. People soak up suds and steal pain meds. Maybe this will even things out better. The sooner they pass this, the better. Stop wasting time on thinking anyone will support firearm legislation, and just get to the green stuff first. maybe people will MELLO tf out.

  2. The problem with the cannabis industry is its ties to the tobacco industry. Cannabis is medicine and you can consume it in a wide range of formats that are non-harmful. Tobacco… not so much.

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  4. Legalizing weed has too many wins. Still, protect the rights of businesses to decide how to employ people. Alcoholism and weed addiction should be regarded very similarly. Intoxicated driving should be HEAVILY enforced. Make a new normal (NORML?😃✌️).

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