BRAIN ZAPS – (not related to SSRI withdraw) THC made it stop

Give it a try when you visit California. My baby was making sounds in the video so lower the volume if you currently have brain zaps so the random sounds dont …


  1. I am searching for whatever is going on with me right now. I have been on Wellbutrin for years…I havnt lowered or stopped it and for the last 4 years. The last 3 days I am dealing with them and its like they come every 10 seconds. I feel crazy trying to explain how I feel. They’re happening and they’re gone within one second.

  2. Please email me if you can. I really would like to connect with you. I'm having the same issues and I have so many questions that I need to ask you. I'm desperate and your video completely made sense to me.

  3. I'm tapering off of Zoloft. These are so debilitating. I don't get pain necessarily I get a shiver sensation or a dizzy spell and it's not happening once a day it's literally back to back sometimes. It's making me extremely uneasy and I can't help feeling I have something else going on. I stayed in my bed the other day and cried because I just could not focus. I couldn't even clean my kitchen. At this point I just feel like a hypochondriac. No ones even listening to my concerns.

  4. I had a brain zap on Christmas Day. To me, it felt like a light flickering off and on real quick. I felt the brain zap on the right side of my head. It felt "lighter" weight wise, and it sparked a temporary depression, and a very very slight headache until my brain "balanced out." I do know that it was caused by a reduction in my Seroquel (but have been fine with being off of it for a few weeks).

  5. I hate that I can relate so much to this video💔 do you suffer from anxiety. I went through this too when my anxiety was at its worse but went away for the most part when the anxiety subsided… my hearts breaking for you because I know how god awful they are

  6. I have this no medication whatsoever and yet I get them mainly when I wake up in the night or if I get a virus. I don’t get headaches very often but started with this after a virus. I wake up with visual problems and brain zaps.

  7. I was suffering from brain zap after stopping anxiety medication.I went to doctor he told to continue medication for some more months but again 3 4 days after completion of medication it came back. I figured it is a loop and felt helpless.
    i am Indian from Hindu religion practiced yog (yoga) at school but never took it seriously then. I started doing yoga from September 15. you people cannot believe after 4 days on 19 September my brain zaps which was coming after every 4 5 seconds gone 70 to 80 %, i wanted to be sure before telling people about it, because when i was searching for cure of brain zaps and anxiety depression vertigo etc on YouTube or google i have find many people's comments and their helplessness. Now i am about 90 95% cured plus feels more energetic, alive and happy.
    I want you people to try it and tell other to do it if you find it effective.
    Comment and share your experience. I am providing video link of baba ramdev and his video which helped me.
    any problem in understanding comment here i will help

  8. I have severe chronic daily migraines with auras that include everything you are talking about and then some. I also have vertigo from my migraines. The severity was impacting my life in huge ways. I have a lot of neck and shoulder pain because my neck was injured on a Rollercoaster. I believe you are having migraines with auras, which don't always include a lot or any head pain. I have been on every medication you can imagine. The best regimen for me includes memantine (typically used for alzheimers), which calms the brain; occipital nerve blocks, dyhydroergotamine (DHE) when they won't go away for days upon days and Ubrelvy. The Ubrelvy is a new medication that is amazing and does not cause rebound headaches. I've taken triptans, done ER migraines cocktails, and beta blockers, and some other things but this works the best for me. I used to have zaps all the time and would constantly lose my words. THC and CBD (2/1) has worked for me as well but I can't use that on a daily basis or work when on it, so I choose other options. As a fellow sufferer, I would suggest going to a university hospital and seeing a neurologist that specializes in migraines. University hospitals typically have physicians that are more up to date on current research and treatment options. Best of luck and I hope you get some relief soon.

  9. My brain zaps arent painful but they start from the back of my head to the front. And it doesnt happen when theres noises or lights. Only when im in public. But its not social anxiety. I feel like its that im fearful of fainting in public and i feel like theres no escape and no where i can be alone and lay down. I get light headed and feel like im going to faint. It ruins my life. I cant get a job because im scared of the feeling and fainting. I cant take my girlfriend out nor go to her house. Its affecting my life. I never had this and i use to be a super fun person that loved going out with friends and traveling. I cant help pay the bills and i hate it. My wisdom teeth are hurting but im more afraid of getting the brain zaps and light headedness than the surgery :/. If anyone is also in my position please comment and reach out to me. I dont want to feel alone. I want to know how you work around it if you do… please.

  10. Considering the circumstances, you do a very good job of keeping yourself together on the outside. I admire that. It must have taken a lot of work.

  11. I suffer from these, it hurts, summer time makes it worse. They suck. No one understands how it is. People think I lie and I’m nuts. I’m over it. It seizes my whole body, I’m about to give up cause no one understands.4th July triggers it horribly as well as my PTSD.

  12. I always got them right before my period that’s how I know it was coming. Nobody understood the doctors thought I was talking about headaches or dizziness but I kept explaining it was something different and finally it started happening to other people because of the anti-depressants and now they believe me.

  13. I know exactly how you feel and it’s happening to me right now mine start early in the day and I start to get heart palpitations the shocks go through my heart and my head with each heartbeat it feels like. It’s very uncomfortable and painful. And you sound crazy when you try to explain it to people. I wish you luck and thank you for your advice.

  14. Wow … thank you for this video….. I’m 3 days into this feeling ever in my life … and I’m not on any medication they came completely out of the blue. Someone attributed it too anxiety and I absolutely had my 1st panic attack 4 weeks ago. I’ve also been super contested as well since around late March which has never happened either. I thought I was having an ear ache due to congestion but it has unfortunately progressed to these Zaps that started in my left side ear to left side of my head right behind my ear and it’s very sore to touch because the zap is concentrated in that area … it now spread to the right side of my head … so it’s like here a zap there a zap every where a little zap zap ⚡️ and they only last about 15 seconds but they are consistent and all day 😭

  15. I’m just now finding out today that this has a name. I’ve had this for years and I thought something was wrong with me. A tumor or something. Luckily mine don’t happen very often. Some weeks not at all and some weeks several. Mine only last a second. Mine is not anti depressant withdrawal related either. I do have anxiety.

  16. In less than 5 minutes you explained and expressed brain zaps better than anyone I've seen so far. I take Lexapro but I never miss a dose and still get these brain zaps. My speech is impaired almost like my tongue is swollen but it's not. My vision temporarily blurs, sound seems to fade, I feel a need to turn my head to the side, like I noticed you did in the video. When I do turn my head to look a different direction the zaps get worse for a moment. The more I move the worse it gets. Then it fades away for a minute then sometimes starts again. Sometimes it doesn't bother me again til the next day. This is so frustrating. Where I live THC is illegal. Do you think CBD oil will help?

  17. I fractured my jaw and chin in a car accident. My fractured-chin severed the mental nerve along the left side of my face as well. I was getting intense shocks along my face, up to my temple area. After visiting numerous doctors, I was correctly diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. My doctor prescribed me 150mg of Lyrica twice a day and that has helped. The Car accident was in 2011 and I've been on Lyrica since 2015. Do you think you have Trigeminal Neuralgia? Also, often times people get Trigeminal Neuralgia after dental work. FYI, opioid-pain killers likeTramadol don't work. I hope you're able to get help soon.

  18. I have been dealing with these for thirty years. I just started looking it up online to see if I was the only one dealing with it and I am so relieved to find I'm not alone. Mine started after a head injury as a kid. They were so severe at first that I could not stand during an attack and the whoile left side of my body felt like it was on fire. I too reached a point of thinking about ending it all. A chiropractor worked on me and after one visit I was at least able to stand during an attack but they kept happening. Finally a doctor tried Dilantin on me and it stopped them immediately. Ten years later they hit again very strong and without warning. My home town doctor switched me over to a drug called Tegretol. As long as I take this drug I don't have any problems. I .take a very low dose of 100mg a day but started with 200mg a day. 6 months ago I stopped taking it all together but the attacks returned 5 months later so I went back on it. Tegretol has made it possible to live a normal life for me. I am a scuba instructor, fly powered paragliders, ski instructed and white water raft guided for 20 years. If you're suffering with these I highly reccomend you give it a try. Thank you Mommy with Four for posting. I feel your pain.

  19. I need help I have a history of seizures and though I haven't had them this week I've been having brain zaps. Being overstimulated or reading or trying to concwntrate makes it worse. Idk what to do. Even texting n commenting this is getting to me. Thank god for auto correct

  20. When I get brain zaps I drop to the ground and my whole body shakes. I hear everything but I can't get up. None my drs don't understand it. The epilsey center and a seizure drs don't want to help me. I find my self on the floor. I want help and I can't get a job or drive because of it.

  21. These zaps, I noticed, are caused by anxiety or high stress levels for me. If you fear the zaps, they will keep happening because of the anxiety about them. These get worse when my anxiety gets high. It’s the worst because everyone looks at you like you’re insane when you describe the symptoms, but it makes sense for anxiety to cause this. Thanks for your story!

  22. I totally feel your pain. I also get loud high pitched sounds in my ears that sounds like thousands of crickets or something.
    I have balance problems on top of this. No one understands 😔😔

  23. I’ve just started having this feeling, it wakes me up in the middle of the night and scares the heck out of me! I have just been through a series of illness and now it’s very frequent! I miss my sleep! THC was a big part of my life and recently I’ve stopped, from this I’m going to try to see if it will help me again! I hope you can do what you need to do you can heal! Thankyou for making me feel not so alone in this x

  24. Thank you for this video. I actually burst out in tears. Finally someone that knows what I’m going through. My Drs look at me like I’m insane. They’ve never heard of brain zaps or they insist it’s coming off a medication. Which I am not.
    These zaps happen all day, everyday. It’s driven me to the point of thinking of suicide. There seemed to be no end in sight.
    To find you tonight as I’m at the height of the strongest zaps I’ve had today just gave me strength and hope.
    Thc is illegal in my state as well. I will definitely look into.cbd.
    Thank you so much for this video. You’ve been the first spark of hope in a long time.

  25. I took vitamin 12, magnesium and fish oil and the zaps stopped but I had pain back of my head on the same spot first 50x a day then it slowly decrease until all pain completely stopped. It took 3 years but now I am fully recovered.

    Mine zaps started after drinking a Chinese "slim tea".

  26. You’re the first video I’ve found that can RELATE!! All these other BS videos going on about anxiety and zaps. Ughhhh! I’m sitting here WINCING in pain every 2 minutes. My scalp feels like I’m being zapped with an electrical prod or something. I’ve had these for years but for some reason this round it is way more frequent! I’m a single mom with no insurance. I’m caught in this horrible place of making too much money for Medicaid but can’t afford Obamacare! I’m in so much pain. I feel like crying. From the pain but also I worry about my daughter. I don’t have the support system you have. I will look into THC. Thank you 🙏

  27. so sorry youre going through this. i found this video because im having brain zaps too, it feels like my brain jolts then turns off for like 1 second then turns back on. i am withdrawing from ssri's though.
    Have you tried just cbd? im pretty sure its legal everywhere. and has helped thousands of people with epilepsy so maybe it will help with brain zaps too. get the strongest stuff, doesnt make you high, but it apparently does magical things for alot of people.

  28. This made me tear up 😥.

    I've been suffering with these zaps for years as well. Anti-depressants weren't in the picture for me either. Neurologist had no clue, primary looked at me like I was crazy.

    Now they're so frequent that I lose balance, my face and lips get numb it's so debilitating. I finally had my dr check for MS, but MRI's showed no indications. Then my hematologist oncologist, of all people, researched & found something called Lhermitte's Sign. It sounds just like what we experience. They say it's not harmful, however, when you have a "mini seizure" that makes your speech screwy & lose balance, over and over every single day…I tend to disagree. I've tried every med that you mentioned, yes every 🙃. It helps with the anxiety of it all for me, but they don't stop. Be nice to finally get some answers & treatment if any. Hang in there❣

  29. I've been suffering from brain zaps for the last 2 days with no meds at all. Not withdrawal related. It's debilitating and I feel like I'm having a seizure. Every time I stand and walk around. It's constant though. Not so much a zap as a constant surge of electricity in my brain for hours on end 🙁

  30. Thanks for sharing your experience with this. I'm going through this with Effexor withdrawal and no one around me understands when I try to describe it. The best description I've come up with is that they feel like "random, brief seizures." My psychiatrist gave me a low dose of Prozac to combat withdrawal symptoms, but this is the one thing that just gets worse instead! Since yours seems to be from an accident and Prozac hasn't helped mine, I don't think it's even related to serotonin levels like I've been told. I'm thinking of trying to order the CBD oil that has little to no THC to see if it helps, but I'm randomly drug tested so I always change my mind before I purchase it haha. You've no doubt researched this, but if you haven't tried omega 3 fish oil supplements, some people have had success with those (not me). Benedryl has also been a temporary fix for some, but the drowsiness isn't worth it for me. I'll have to ask my doctor about neurontin and see what he thinks. I'll be praying for you! ..Sorry if any of this doesn't read well. My air conditioner kicked on right after your video and the sound triggered an "episode" so I had trouble focusing.

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