Biden Smokes Out Staff Over Marijuana Use

The Biden administration is cracking down on internal marijuana users. John Iadarola and Brett Erlich break it down on The Damage Report. Become a TDR …


  1. Biden was you high falling up Air Force 1 stairs? 1 term Robinette Trump's kinda was right your freaking losing you fucking mind. Wait till you cost Dems the house and Senate 2022 old geezer.

  2. Oh and this comes from a mans son who was kick out of the military for cocaine use and who is still an addict plus the fact that Joe Biden himself is a user of cocaine he and his son were smoking in a NY restaurant so this administration is hysterics

  3. Sound like a great reason to force them to move faster about federal legalization already… there's a plenty of other Americans living in fully legalized states that face the same bs…

  4. Joe, Joe, Joe — You just destroyed your career with one stupid action. Hopefully this hasn't blown 2022. Really had faith in this administration.

  5. Pot in states for supposed medical is legal now. But will eventually will become legal federally. Smoking pot if admitted before employment on your app or interview, it's answering truthfully as required by some government companies. But if you lie on app, then you can get terminated, depending on level. It's not new.

  6. Id bet you could totally get them to call it the devils lettice on live tv. delusions of morality and integrity whilst making every decision based on personal gain. politics really is the method by which public servants (the actual catch all term for these jobs) ignore the purpose of paying them entirely to push their own agendas. gee why so much focus in us ignoring science why would people be worried about a guy being delusional whilst STEERING THE FUCKING SHIP. ugh pathetic but entirely expected of a catholic. case and point you can believe what you like but can equally be sent to a mental institution if youre certain enough about a divine potato king. does the truth matter to you or not? does it matter to know the answer or is believing your intuition is always right enough? you already know the answer because of a dream you had shot down as a kid. flying, remember how believing you can fly doesnt do shit? yea that.
    why would i care? cuz i suffer from a form of insomnia that will not only kill if untreated but is untouched by seratonin reuptake inhibitors so there is only one compound on earth known to work and prove safe to use for more than two weeks in a row can ya guess what one compund that might be? why american politics on the subject matter while the left over whigs play metoo to american politics much to the detriment of the people in my own faux democratic oligharchy. proportional reprisentation or bust simple as.

  7. Apparently John Boehner, former Republican Speaker of the House turned chair of the National Cannabis Roundtable, a cannabis lobbying organization, hasn't gotten Biden's ear yet.

  8. Age has a lot to do with mindset obviously. They're backpedaling uphill real fast. And I've moved on from Dem. to Progressive just as fast. He's falling while going UP stairs, that says a lot. The relief money that was cut in half right after they were elected to now you can only get it if you filed 2020 taxes. So homeless people are lining up to file. It's free online. If they don't have a laptop or internet they can go to a public library. If it's closed because of covid-19 then you lose so just suck it up but wear a mask !

  9. WTF, Joe it's the 21 century. it will be legal in a few more years. Relax, instead of kicking out for past use. Why don't we hold all elected officials to the same standards that we hold for Civil Service and the Military. Make all them bitches take a piss test with the designated meat gazer watching. See how they like it. They'll probably cry a river about the indignity of someone watching them pee. Suck it up buttercup had done it for thirty years in the Military.

  10. Let us be absolutely clear that the rise the Mango Menace (Trump) is directly related to the failure of the Obama/Biden presidency to promote much more working class and progressive policies and outcomes.. So my question is, how was it possible that Obama's wingman Biden wasn't smoking a massive Camberwell Carrot on rhe east lawn under the cherry tree, while smashing a six pack of Mountain Drew from 2009-16??? After all, his unofficial VP title was 'Pothead in Chief 🎖🎖🎖

  11. Biden fires you for admitting to smoking weed. He is fine working with a crack head. Hunter isnt a piece of shit drain on society by chance. Hunter learned every play he knows from dad. History will frown on the times in America when Democrats stole our government and basically told Americans they no longer work for us. Stop paying taxes to these criminals that break every law to steal from its citizens.

  12. This is getting really ridiculous… in the 1930's marijuana was made illegal because the government said minorities where using it to enhance their crime performance. Also when I read the bill on it they didn't even spell marijuana correctly. It was spelled "marihuana".
    It was so bogus. But the illegalization of marijuana was out of racism. Look it up.

  13. Reefer madness!? In 2021? Just plain madness, if you ask me! We'd have a much better world if people chose bongs over booze…and definitely better if ALL our holier-than-thou representatives were knocked off those high horses from which they self-righteously judge and condemn!

  14. This is a real testimony to the mean dogmatism deeply entrenched in Joe Biden.
    He tries hard to counter the most obvious ones, which is good. But sadly…
    intollerance, close-mindedness, insensitivity … ,.. comes in spades when u elect a corporate clown!

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