Biden Fires Staffers for Past Pot Use, House Reintroduces SAFE Banking Act

Biden Fires Staffers for Past Pot Use, House Reintroduces SAFE Banking Act Biden fires staffers for past cannabis consumption, the War on Drugs continues to …


  1. how do yall expect for people to respect and take CANNABIS serious if yall keep calling it "weed" …cmon yall are way smarter than to using that degrading slang brothers. peace and love

  2. I'll start with this; I'm 100% for decriminalization, descheduling, and ultimately legalization on a federal level.

    I do have to ask, does anyone know definitively if the former staffers were fired EXPLICITLY for prior MJ use? I've read a few articles on this trying to do some deeper digging and it seems like that information is cherry picked from the pro-legalization side. From my (brief) research dozens and dozens (I want to say hundreds, but can't recall) of White House staffers were asked the same question about former MJ use, but only 5 were fired. Just seems like we're stuck in a cycle of polar opposition day in and day out, fueled by headline skimming… Frustrating.

  3. I can't see any comments. I would like to say y'all were busting my balls because I said leave the identity politics at the door. Easy on the repubs. Now y'all see what I'm talking about. Liberty for all brothers.

  4. Thank goodness the progressive joe crime bill in the 80s biden and his side kick arrest minorities for a plant kamel toe harris are in charge…… It's almost like leftards are anti themselves when voting libtarded.

  5. FYI Biden has been supporting the world against drugs since the 80s I bet y’all didn’t know about that🤷🏽‍♂️ and I bet most Biden voters didn’t even know about that

  6. Not to mention cigarettes. They have to be the worst offender of what our govt allows us to smoke. What in the hell are they thinking. They allow cigs which kill thousands of Americans a year but don't rush to legalize weed. Out of the way big tobacco. Your days are numbered.

  7. May I say this, as prior military one of the leading Petty Officers we standing on the balcony. He was observing who was working and who wasn’t. He came to me later that day as he new I smoke ans so did he, he told me that everyone that was working was 420, so that was over 25 years ago, fuck Biden

  8. If people could drop much of the social justice aspects of cannabis bills and stop the anti white sentiment you could probably get many conservatives and more to back these bills, The issue is when Cannabis legalization is tied into things unrelated to a plant that normal non stoners get annoyed with. Stop being such an Anti White Racist miggy .

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