Az Update – the Cannabis Conservative with Liz Harris and James Knox ,

Az Update – the Cannabis Conservative with Liz Harris and James Knox ,


  1. Just as they use the "excuse that Jovan Pulitzer is partisan," I say these corrupt officials are very partisan have absolutely NO say in an open process, requested by The People.

  2. If this is done, it needs to be done live, for all to see. Only one reason I can think of for keeping the voters ignorant. If fair why are they hiding anything from their bosses?

  3. Is our deep forensic audit going to include the data analysis that those experts have already cliamed will reveal overwhelming evidence of manipulation and fraudulent voting practices by the operatives who exercised their options to insure a Biden victory, regardless of the votes cast? This should be a significant part of what Jovan could do.

  4. The people who certified this election need to be tried as traitors. The Board of Supervisors are the most corrupt I've ever seen in my lifetime of 65 years! This is one on way too long. The people of Arizona need to be out in the streets demanding Justice. God Bless America and don't give up Arizona!!

  5. Bunch of more hot air…….blah blah blah…….keep kicking the can down the road….people broke the law…..why aren’t they being arrested?……you are controlled by the Illuminati and the NWO…..

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