1. my emotional shopping trips are me going to the pet store and buying new fish for my 3 tropical fish tanks lol. got 5 new fish today .. a 10cm long chinese algae eater, and 4 x black neon tetras hahahaa

  2. The GE profile Opal Nugget Icemaker is the best. Got it for my husband last year for his birthday and family members come over and “steal” ice all the time😅💖

  3. I didn't know you like wine! Innocent Bystander is my go to Moscato and Deep Fork Red by Sparks Vineyard is my go to red wine. If you ever get the chance to try them, please do!

  4. Looking forward to your scrub line! Our scrubs are so ugly … would you consider designing a line for people who work in the MRI (e.g., no pocket/zipper or maybe only one pocket)?

  5. Love your earrings, what kind? Hope you do have one more pregnancy that is easy. Thank you for the suggestions. The ladies pants worked great on someone wit an old C section scar, but these don't turn down. Thank you for that suggestions.

  6. I loooooooooove your charity!!!! And I love your thoughts on charitable giving and the virtue concept! I also love that you will buy someone behind you coffee ♥️ These videos are one of my faves that you do 😉

  7. Trust me, as someone who goes to a public school in Houston just don't do it! It's absolutely horrible. You are just part of a system where the only reason they care about you is so they can get the funding. The teachers are horrible and have no compassion. And all of the teachers only care about passing the STAAR test. Houston has great private schools you should really consider not letting you kids fall in to the tragic, horrible, unaccommodating system,

  8. How do you choose charities to work with? I have a small not for profit charity that provides safe sleep spaces and essential items for newborns in need. Our goal is to eliminate SUID in our local area. Love your channel!

  9. That's amazing for you that you may be able to be more flexible with your career soon. That is definitely my goal someday to have more passive income streams. Maybe someday I will buy your petite scrubs if my clinic allows it..the Sketchers are not small enough for me!

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