Answering Your BPD Questions *as someone with borderline personality disorder and CPTSD*

Answering Your BPD Questions *as someone with borderline personality disorder and CPTSD* Find the giveaway for the mental health planner here …


  1. So my therapist had me to a MID screening and noticed I had a notable score in the BPD category even though I have never been diagnosed with it nor had it been mentioned with previous therapists. I still havent been diagnosed as were still investigating the possibility to ensure its accurate and not just something else looking similar. I was shocked at the possibility, but you describing your experience with it and me relating to just about everything has me starting to realize I may actually have it too…

  2. I love how you describe everything. There's alot of people on the internet that seem to fake having BPD I mean I don't 💯 know if they are faking but it comes off as they are but you can definitely tell you are being honest and not faking at all. Thank you for this insightful video!

  3. Tbh I am anti-shorter-answers bc I love listening to people ramble a bit, especially about themselves (in this way anyway) it helps it feel authentic and connective <3 i don't have any questions rn but I look forward to the answers of everyone else's questions ^.^

  4. Oh my yes! Why does no one talk about anti depressants causing night terrors! I used to have them when I was little and now I thought it was all the weed but nope it's venlafaxine!

  5. My boyfriend has BPD and OCD, everything you're saying is him. Honestly it's so unbelievably stressful and depressing dealing with him a lot of the time, I really don't know how I am supposed to deal with him.

  6. dang i’ve been called out! my bpd is more present than i thought, based off on what you’re saying! shit! ie my careers, spiritual beliefs etc! stress for me equals anger! lots of anger issues here! i over analyze everything. used to have the bpd nightmares but lately not dreaming cuz over tired lately i think! the nightmares spark my writing ideas tho so 🤷‍♂️

  7. Omg…I am not find of people who say others with BPD are violent,mean etc.

    They have more then abandonment issues.and it is certainly not ok,in anyway to make assumptions about people with this,or any type of disorder.

    For me,I have two rare mental disorder..DID from severe childhood trauma,and AIWS(Alice in wonderland syndrome)Which is also known as Todds syndrome etc.

    It's a neuropsychological disorder which causes dispositions in my give an example I'll take a part from Alice in wonderland.

    If you have ever seen the movie then you know that Alice came across cookies and a drink that said 'Eat me' and 'Drink me ' Which causes her to grow bigger and shrink drastically in size….

    For someone with this,from my eyes i might seem bigger,or smaller.Things around me might seem smaller or bigger.This happens a lot,with my tv hands,books etc.Everything.It's gotten better over time but it's life long.

    As well as having DID,it's hard to deal with my alters sometimes as well.If it when my alters are co conscious they are what I see if not most of the time.Some of them start to panic which causes our whole system,if not most to go into panic/protection mode.

    This was a very very interesting video and I really do plan on learning more about BPD C-PTSD!!thank you so much for making this video!!


    ~The Weird System ~Alec ~Host ~

    First paragraph:~Ian ~ISH ~internal self helper ~

  8. Honey I'm make borderline I diagnosed 2 years ago and I'm recovering it's hard you have to find a good psychotherapist first take your  meds and cry a lot with the battles with that monster have in mind there is a last battle and a last cry and then you win it it's the only battle the looser win in the end but you have to leave this canser to punish on you and make you cry this is the solution but with the rules of a good psychotherapist take care 🧡

  9. I tick all the boxes for BPD. My doctor has referred me to a mental health team, just waiting on the appointment. Thank you for these videos, the world isn't so lonely when you can see other people's stories 💜

  10. Please do the "how I was diagnosed", I'm working with my therapist on that an she also has a inclination to BPD, she asked about impulsivity but I didn't knew how to explain that I have no filter when I see I already said and already inserted myself in to the argument…..

  11. Are counselors different in your country than therapists? In the U.S. counselors and therapists are one in the same with a masters degree, while psychologists have a doctorates, and counselors/therapists can specialize in certain mental health disorders. I have had bad experiences with counselors but most in the U.S. I've worked with have been very knowledgeable (luckily).

  12. I am pretty new to your YouTube so you may have answered this before, but I wondered if you can actually tell the difference between your BPD and C-PTSD, especially at times when symptoms overlap. In some of my research, it seems like C-PTSD and BPD often have a lot of similarities in how they present (ie, someone with C-PTSD might go into fight or flight mode quickly and experience inappropriate anger; they can also develop co-dependent tendencies and possibly fall into the 'abandonment issues' categories, etc). When you're working things out in therapy, you probably don't need to separate them to work on them, but I see a lot of questions here that refer to one thing or the other in specific. In my experience, none of my diagnoses exist in identifiable sections of my mind- they're all jumbled up together and making a mess with each other.

    If you've already answered this I'll probably find it while trying to get updated on your YouTube videos. All of your content is pretty interesting.

  13. At least I'm not the only one who has a hard time defining what a nightmare is. I still get the classic "Beinging Unable to Run From a Murderer" dream from time to time. But it's not really scary or panic inducing, especially once a wake up. But I do have nightmares where my breaks stop working and my car will gently roll into a ditch, or I forget I had work that day and it was important, and I'll wake up really panicked.

  14. Weed definitely gives me vivid dreams, and sometimes nightmares. I had a horrible nightmare about Sarah Everard last week after having an edible. I take it for an immune disease though so won't stop, maybe I need to switch strains.
    Your hair is pretty today. Xx

  15. Thanks for sharing this. Well explained answers are better than racing through them.
    I love horror movies because they are an escape from the real life. Real horror (not slasher movies) makes me forget about my trauma. Because they are NOT real. It is like being on a rollercoaster and getting fun-scared. On the other hand I can not watch movies about people hurting other people (or animals).

  16. I have also never had good experiences with any counsellors. I've had some terrible psychiatrists too, the one that diagnosed me never actually told me I have BPD, he just wrote it down in my records and my current psychiatrist confirmed it and was like 'what, he didn't even tell you?' 😂 I mean I knew but the validation/confirmation would have been amazing.
    Luckily DBT has helped loads and I'm awaiting schema therapy.

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