Amazonas florestal (AZFL) | Penny stocks to watch this week | Should you buy this penny stock?

Amazonas florestal (AZFL) is a penny stock that should be on your watchlist. Should you buy this penny stock? Watch the video to the end to find out. Remember …


  1. This is actually a penny stock I’ve been following for quite some time. It’s very volatile and I sold my position last year.
    May look into this company once again.
    Great content!

  2. I got into this stock at .0020 so doubled my money so far but liked you’re video gives me more to think about than just going to the moon but this is a long term hold for me only got 1m shares hope it hits the nasdaq one day Mexico definitely needs some good exposer other than their cartels for once

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  4. Thanks for the heads up on this one! Great analysis, I’ll check it out! I’m bullish with the overall industry, looking forward to see it grow over the coming years (legalization, 2.0 – infusion).

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