1. Wow— this was great information! I am really surprised. As a HCP I was sent to your page by NP Maggie of Green Compass . I really had no idea it was so potent for treating Alzheimer’s .

  2. Very good video. I’ve just read The End of Alzheimer’s by Dale Bredesen and many of the points you present in this video were expounded upon in the book. Bredesen uses current research to theorize that the amyloid plaques that form are actually a way of protecting the brain. For instance, if harmful processes are occurring in the brain, it will produce these plaques to redirect vital resources towards essential processes, but unfortunately this means some part of the brain is no longer receiving what it needs to function, resulting in memory loss and loss of function. Most of The End of Alzheimer’s discussed ways to prevent and even reverse Alzheimers, and after reading the book doing so is NOT easy, nor is it a one size fits all solution. Mostly, it involves removing inflammation from the body by eating clean, exercising, sleeping well, reducing stress, and investigating whether one was exposed to toxins during their life, as well as taking modern medicines that have some plaque-removing capability. The author didn’t mention CBD most likely because this research wasn’t available to him at the time, but given that CBD is known to reduce inflammation, reduce stress, and promote healthier sleep, CBD being able to aid in reversing Alzheimer’s seems to be an inevitable conclusion. I’m glad to see CBD added to the list of potential cures. Thanks for the great video!

  3. I started CBD back in October 2020. I have been taking them ever since for anxiety. I really like the results. Does CBD have any negative side effects when taken long term? Thank you for your videos and your time!

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  5. Alzheimers is a serious scary problem. My grand mother has it and it’s just sad to see when she doesn’t recognize most of us in the family or even where she is. I hope this research leads to some way to finally treat it properly. Thank you for the explanations. The “little factory” as well as the “security and cleaners” analogies really makes it easy to understand. I heard that eating certain greasy food can accelerate the plaque buildup in the neurons? Not sure how much is true. Forgive my lack of medical knowledge but what exactly is CBD?

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