Adult ADHD: Impact on Chronic Conditions and Adherence to Medical Recommendations

mentalhealth #medicaldoctor #ADHD ————— Public Policy Groundbreaking research estimates life expectancy of adults with ADHD is reduced by 8.4 years, …


  1. What??? Omg is this real??? Violence Violence! Death by 10 yrs old if not 45…actually making it sound like that someone with ADHD, is a person that should be feared & put away..
    Making someone with ADHD to be dangerous to themselves & to others. almost like Psychopath.
    They seem to be Exaggerating.
    I know right now I am looking for another Psychologist, she would not mention ADHD & if I mention it she would just bush off & would rush me off the phone, only being 10 to 15 minutes when it should of been 45min…the last straw was when she told me I missed appointment on the 2nd but I had written it down for the 5th & I was sure 100%., she wanted me to pay her cash of $175. So my gut told me call to my insurance & what I found out she sent in a request for payment for an appointment on the 5th, & we went through payments she was also charging for a session of 2 week but because of her request, I was only seeing her once a month.
    It blows my mind that she has 30 yrs experience & was basically stealing & was telling me I was being silly if I mention ADHD. I can't believe that someone I paid for , rip me off, & played head games with me & it took so long to found her, but I had to drop her
    Because of the bad reputation of ADHD,
    Even thought 3 Therapist & 2 teachers, & one of therapist contacted my family Doctor & only for him to tell me that it is Fake.
    I was so embarrassed, I dropped the therapist .
    HOW I expected & got my Diagnose of ADHD, is when I finally got amazing Psychologist & neurologist, to keep short, when I started seeing him, he didn't tell me a diagnosis until 2 &"a half into many test & even a brain scan that I believe he didn't charge my insurance for it.
    He explained ADHD in great detail & I would take note & research it. He said that it was very important to have therapy along side medicine, which he took his time to see what work for me. He just started the therapy & then COVID hit , I forgot to mention he is 91 years old, he decided to retire, I was doing so well . Now I had to look for a Psychologist & that is the one that I Stealing & I believe do not even believe in ADHD, SO I had to drop her. Now I have no doctor, no medication & have to start all over again.
    I could of been Diagnosed years ago but because ADHD has such a bad reputation & doctors would tell me fake, my life was so out of control that thankfully I never thought of take my life, but I lost hope & if I didn't wake up of Natural causes I didn't care.
    My husband is braking my hard because he thinks it is an excuse for people short coming & I can not get him to research information on ADHD & CAN'T.
    I don't understand???????
    Now you are playing a video that is so extreme! Then any other information, I had received. I had friends who had problems with Psychologist.
    My Psychologist that I dropped, she was actually adding to my stress, taking crippling anxiety. .
    Psychologist need to get on the same page,
    I have to take a brake from listening to information & looking for a Psychologist having no idea who is good??? because with Extreme views on ADHD.
    I feel so alone, I can not talk to anyone about it. It should not be this hard.
    ( Psychologist should not be so expensive, I am so so lucky I have insurance & even the Psychologist on the list would say I do not like to expect insurance & not call me back, & taking over 2 months.
    Such waisted time. I want to live & be happy & I am asking for help & can not get it.
    Why doesn't anyone talk about that???
    At least I know I am not as crazy as this video makes ADHD sound/ but this video said that I am also going die young ..
    I want a life! I want help!

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