7 AMAZING Autism FACTS | (YOU Have To See!)

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  1. From my reading and such, males are more likely to be diagnosed with Autism due to almost all the studies were done on males subjects, therefore being much easier to recognise in males than in women. Also, women tend to have quite different "symptoms" than males. I've noticed ( from videos and personal experience) that males seems to show signs of autism quite young as they stand out from the "norm", though with females their signs tend to be very gender stereotypical. For example appreciating sparkley/ shiny stuff, obsessing over cute animals, excitedly squealing with arm movement etc. I personally feel as society seems to be moving away from gender stereotypes, this also makes things a little more noticeable and clear especially in the medical field when it comes to assessing behaviors…. Just my two cents though…

  2. Hello from Liège, in the french part of Belgium, west European country. I like your work, your energy, and the variety of the themes. I have mental issues, depression and anxiety. I also have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrom and I read a few days ago that there is a link with ASD. I really appreciate if you or someone of your followers has more information, or a link to neurology or whatever which is related.
    Thank you for your work.

  3. Something good to know how to handle 3 kids with Autism all in my home, with their parents of course, but I went crazy. Can you help me with understanding none of their actions are personal towards me. Unless you think they are. I thought one was making fun of me talking cause he always repeated me but all wrong, like super winey, irritating, and on going with no stop, following me from behind, I didn't want to show him how fucking irritating it was, so I just ignored him. Now I see I shouldn't of, and I was told he's just talking like one of his characters from a video series of someone that talks that way. So I learned that. But it won't stop… The other one is like spoiled, and wants this and that at the same time and then has a tantrum. The other one, ignores me, looks at me weird, doesn't talk, doesn't wanna talk to me. I was told it's about transmission, and how it's hard for them also. To come here and meet me for the first time, I'm so strange, and so forth. So you're the first person that came up, and now I'm hooked. Thank you for videoing yourself and helping so many. 💋

  4. It is less diagnosed in females because the original diagnostic criteria was based on the way that males present. Getting diagnosed with ADHD has the same issue. As far as physical issues go a really common one to be missed is females having heart attacks because the traditional symptoms that we are taught are the ones that males traditionally have and not so much females.
    To be more specific most diagnoses are based on how they present in white males.

  5. I'm interested to know whether it is a coincidence or if there is a link. I have autism and polycystic ovarian syndrome and after speaking with several other autistic females in a facebook group, many of them also have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Maybe it is just a coincidence.. who knows?

  6. Aspie from New Zealand here. The mathmetician from 'A Beautiful Mind' has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. To add to this #8 Charles Richter who created the Richter Scale could have had Autism because he only wanted to talk about Earthquakes.

  7. Watching from New South Wales just before heading to bed on a Saturday night as I have to leave for work at 6am tomorrow…..love watching your videos, so educational and assists me to learn about myself more and come to terms with having symptoms of Aspergers without a formal diagnosis. Thanks Dan, Mitch.

  8. Here in New Zealand it is perfectly legal to keep people on casual employment forever. I missed out on a promotion to permanent, as the instructor reported I was nervous around heights. I am 5 years qualified working around heights in a previous trade. Truth be told it was the assessor that made me nervous being nerotypcail. The assessor asked me about height work I told him my history of doing it and that you get nervous anytime you exceed a certain height, but then you remind yourself of the safety emplacements and you calm down and get the job done. This has been passed on to HR as afraid of heights and HR has excluded me from progression at work on this basis.

    How common is this fort of thing everyone?

    And what do I do?

  9. My kid has severe autism and just wrote his first paint program yesterday. Just hand picking articles and assuming you understand every aspect of it is pure ignorance.

  10. Hi Dan! Sarah from Cali here. I am a huge fan of your videos!! They have been incredibly helpful. I just signed up for BetterHelp thanks to your link in the description, but unfortunately they didn't have your channel as an option for where I learned about their services! I would have loved to give you that credit lol. Also, I was sort of hoping to speak with someone about maybe getting a formal diagnosis, but I was not matched to a spectrum specialist…While I do feel like this service is going to be useful and I do intend to keep it, I was wondering if you might happen to have any other recommendations or resources?

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