#620 Potency Limits

In this episode Mike joins me to talk about potency limits in cannabis. I apologize for the poor video quality. It looked good on zoom… Irie Genetics Discord …


  1. What someone should really do, is pass a bill that states "Any restriction passed after 03/18/21 shall also be applied to any and all alcoholic beverage manufacturing, sale, and consumption of"
    See how quick shit changes

  2. I haven't even gotten to the point in my life were concentrates or hash are easily available yet. And now Karen's are trying to lower the potency before I can even try the damn stuff!? Wtf mate wtf

  3. this bill can not move forward it's the most ridiculous thing I've heard of since prohibition RJ is right like normal when he says I know what I need and to stay the fuck away from my meds as everyone knows people don't od on cannabis no matter what kind it is that just means you have to use more maybe that's the end game lower potency where you have to buy more

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