5X MJ Penny Stock: Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. – DN

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  1. One aspect of the B2B aspect of the business that you didn't really touch on is the most important one. Each of those small producers will be selling their product to Delta 9! Since they are licenced to produce but not to sell, DN is providing a market for them. What this really means is that DN is able to increase their production capacity without expanding their own facility. Production capacity with no overhead costs, in fact they sold the overhead in the first place! So its a win win for both parties. DN sells the equipment, genetics and know how to get a small producer up and running. They receive a turn key operation and a market to sell the product. DN buys high quality MJ at wholesale prices and sells at retail prices.

  2. This stock is the most terribel i my portfolio, going down even when other C companies rise as yesterday, by at 2.50, today 49 cent , how low is this going under 40 cent agian ?.

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