[4K] Filinvest City Alabang Walking – Central Business District of the South

Hi guys, today let’s walk in Filinvest City Alabang, a business district situated within the city of Muntinlupa in Metro Manila, Philippines. 00:00 – 00:15 Intro 00:15 …


  1. tweet: Hendi na Oso ang Putik style at Mabaho na Bohay sa Panahon ngayon, globally. Tapos na yon matagal na. Tama yan mag build build build na tayo all over Philippines. Respetohin na natin ang ating kaesa-esang bayan. Ganyan lang mamohay ngayon – may ka-ayosan Na. God speed. mar2021.

  2. What a fun and modern area. Always wondered about this place. Used the passby a lot when I was going to Town center mall close by. Love all modern things. Ty
    Wondering when u will do a Question and Answer live blog about Manila. Many live bloggers in Cebu, but none in the beautiful capital of The PI

  3. Filinvest to me is the most laidback of all cbds, even before crisis i hardly see people in the sidewalk which is great bec maganda yung layout nia when they planned it

  4. The best bars and restaurants are in the Molito area and at the Commerce Building along Commerce Ave. Had a lively nightlife. Most of these businesses are really thriving, and then the pandemic hit.

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