🤷🏼‍♂️What Does Delta-8 REALLY Do?

Delta-8 THC is supposed to be like ‘weed’s little brother’, but can an everyday smoker REALLY get high from Delta-8? Is this a good legal alternative to other …


  1. I tried D8 for a few weeks earlier this year. It was very relaxing and pleasant the first couple of times, but I built up a tolerance very fast. The gummies mostly just gave me a headache. I think I'm just too used to D9 lol

  2. Delta-8 isn't even legal yet so any place that's selling it is 99% chance of just doing an extraction method they heard of people the first time. I had a cartridge from someone who's looking to make a business out of it and holly shit I've never like pens but this one was amazing. The wax didn't seem like that consistency so idk what's going on but I'd say you cant really judge delta-8 yet cause no one really knows much about it

  3. Dude I've smoked tons of bud and done quite a few psychedelics, this stuff definitely gets you buzzed in a couch lock type of way you just need a high dose, but honestly I prefer this for morning use

  4. I was hoping the dabs had some flavor, but i have also found the flowers i have tried so far dont have that piney green taste. Still does the trick, but i need some more flavor, fellas.

  5. recently i had my blood taken and tested for a drug test. delta 8 was clearly outlined in the test. i only smoke 1 strain of weed. was good to see info on it.

  6. delta 8 works. 100% and imo even gets me stupider than regular delta 9. ive only smoked pens but it totally would get you high even if you have a high tolerance like me

  7. Just got my first concentrate of this, I was skeptical at first and like everyone else I was pleasantly surprised. Mine was very powerful and I could still function fine.

  8. Man I used to think it was all bs until I tried it and damn it hit good, I’m glad I learned about it cause weed is illegal in Texas and I don’t trust any drug dealers, last time I bought some from someone it took me to the hospital because it was laced with pcp

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