1. They’re about to put me on this shit for ACL surgery but I feel like Ill just end up smoking my weed instead lmao
    Weed vs hydros anyone? Whats the difference

  2. I was prescribed ten for my kidney stone pain. Six were used before it passed and the other four for an infected lymph node in my neck. I got to tell you, the last few made me feel embraced by the heavens. It lasted about 5 hours; I can see where addiction happens!

  3. Judging from these comments it's no wonder why people who really need these medicines are suddenly cut off it's solely due to Young drug addicts who just want to get the euphoria instead of going to school and being a productive member of our society……. F**** low-lives go buy some heroin and just go somewhere and die all of you please

  4. I don't feel any different or more euphoria than usual. Maybe I just feel happy All the time.🤙 But Glad we have this for pain 👍 I don't have a high pain threshold. I'm a big baby.
    Edit: we can become addicted in one week 😱😱😱😱 oh no. On 300+ mg …..😱😰

  5. One week, my eye… I was in pain management twice..1 yr each time..never experienced withdrawl symptoms when it was over either time…..you have to build up tolerance and be taking ALOT to become addicted..

  6. your vision gets like starry, you feel numb (like you literally don’t feel you itching yourself), you get this nice head pressure w a blunt tingly feeling, this shits hard to explain but it’s what i got.

  7. was in a bad wreck. take daily a very bad road. alot turn to heroin then the real fights on and when you see it close up hold the handle of the casket see the family break down .man this is what your headed for.

  8. Currently on hydrocodone. I have a broken ankle! Had surgery about a week ago. Honestly I'm getting addicted cuz I cant sleep without it even though I have no pain. It just relaxes me and relieves all my stress

  9. Getting old is not pleasant, former paratooper, bad knees. Two worn out Total Knees. Two shoulder rotator cuff repairs. The Hydrocodone is effective for pain, I don't get high, except when the pain goes away, maybe that's high? I've been on 10mg 3x a day for years. I wouldn't even think of selling my pills.

  10. I have chronic back pain. This stuff never helped me. Oxycontin did however. Now on Morphine. Works great but goddamn it makes you itchy. Opanas are are awful- you throw up everytime you ingest one. Opiates should only be taken for SEVERE pain. Tramadol hydrochloride is garbage. Better off with Aleve. 🤤😓

  11. they were prescribed to me bc I have a kidney stone and this shit hurtsssss . its the hydrocodone/ acetaminophen one and its the lowest dosage I think . im just tryna see if taking 2 is okay BECAUSE IT FEELS LIKE IM GIVING BIRTH 😭😭😭

  12. So many dumbass ppl saying “hOOKeD AfTeR oNLy 1 wEeK hOWWW?!!” …mix 2 ounces of it with your favourite Soda drink and find you’ll be addicted in 3days…you’ll literally have withdrawals even if you wanna stop🤷🏽‍♂️

  13. i never abused it but discovered my body was addicted to it after a back surgery. when i wasnt having anymore pain i stopped taking it and i couldnt sleep for 2 weeks and didnt know why at first. after about 5th day, i had a craving. i immediately flushed what i had left.

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