1. Here is my horrendous caffeine addiction

    You may think that one of these may start when studying for an exam or trying to stay awake for school but nope-
    mine started in third or fourth grade it started off with sweet pure leaf tea that only lasted for about a week and a half.

    But then I wanted to be a bit more healthier so i chose unsweetened tea and i drank those bottles one after another, the only time where i wasn’t drinking one was when i was asleep or in school sometimes i would bring one to lunch but i mostly forgot. this lasted for i think a month well thats what it felt like i remember drinking them one after another for a long time but if it was that long i think i would be dead rn. When it stopped was because I ordered some off some online website and they tasted bad so i got some from walmart and they tasted bad by then i gave up and never drank a single one again.

  2. I've never understood how coffee makes u feel awake… I mean drinking 4 cups of raw black coffee gets me shaky and weak maybe alert but mostly tired. Helps me fall asleep too…

  3. i actually drink coffee to calm me down! i drink two cups of black coffee half an hour before going to sleep lol adhd brains just work differently i guess

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