1. As a republican who supports legalization of marijuana, completely agree about the politicians who go into office with no money and come out millionaires. Biden and his family are a huge example of this. A lot of people might not of liked Trump but at least he came into office rich and left office with less money then he went in with. He also never took a salary as president.

  2. Larry Hogan is still inforcing arrest on mmcc medical cannabis users and they are also going through Evictions because of Nixon-like convictions in Maryland.

  3. Isn't it cool how they (the ones that claimed the "war on drugs") are thinking of "allowing" people to access a natural medicine that serves them better than a harmful pharma drug with debilitating side effects!? Natural medicine from Mother Nature!!! , yet the ignorance of greasy handed suits are allowed to claim authority over it… after lying about it for decades? We need to open our eyes, the facts are easily accessed.

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