1. I already have clinical depression from years of trauma and I'm undiagnosed with ADHD (I generally say that I'm half diagnosed because my therapist psychoanalized me but my doctor refused to diagnose me). I legit told my mom today that I want to get formally diagnosed and put on meds and she genuinely tried to convince me to not get meds and I just wound up getting so frustrated internally because its so hard to try and explain that "I'm doing my best but my best isnt enough. I try to focus but my mind can't. If I don't understand I get so workes up that i almost cry in class while everyone else isn't doing that". Its a genuine problem and it really doesnt help that my parents don't exactly believe in mental illnesses/neurodivergent things.

  2. I have a question, what should I do if I physically cant do what I don't like yet my mom pressures me and it takes me so long to do it? here's what happened today- I started the dishes then went upstairs and got distracted (50% on purpose 50% on accident) I hate doing the dishes then my mom said "Naomi you have to do the dishes or else you won't be allowed to have your phone!" I said I cant do it because I don't like it so its really hard for me to even start or finish she responded with "I have trouble too! But I still do it! Its simple! just go downstairs and do it! You where able to make a cake today!" I said that I liked baking cakes (which I do) which makes it easy for me. So my mom doesn't understand and if I show her your videos she thinks im making excuses and I asked to go on meds but they said I don't need them yet I struggle sooo much so im really stuck. please help me!

  3. I think people don't realize that it takes a larger amount of a stimulant to make someone with ADHD actually get high from it. Our brains need it to make up for what it is unable or has a very hard time doing.

  4. People used to think that autism was a result of parental failure. Now nobody goes "I'm so autistic today". It's like when people say "I'm so OCD about this". Whenever someone says "I'm so ADHD about this" I like to respond with, "Oh, have you formally been diagnosed?".

  5. My doctor told me that I couldn't be on any stimulants when I decide Im ready to have kids but I struggle to function without the help has anyone else been told the same thing? If so how did you handle it?

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