Why Full Spectrum Cannabis Extracts Are the Future

As THC and CBD distillates are becoming more popular, Wonderleaf is taking a step back and considering the merits of the cannabis plant’s original chemistry.


  1. The market prices for all forms of bulk oil just keep falling due to lowering hemp prices. Companies selling tinctures for $100 will soon be at $50, and then out of business because they expanded so quickly and overhead killed them.

    Prediction (take it with a grain of salt)

    The CBD gold rush will come to an end like the dot com explosion did, which is unfortunate. Trash oil MLM companies like Hempworx and that sludge mill Zilis will see their incredibly gullible salespeople leave in bigger droves after shorter and shorter times than they already are once prices for tinctures/oils hits $50 per 1000 mg because working for $500 a year won't be worth it (a good thing because those companies are so unabashedly shady) . Charlotte's Web will survive because of their genius marketing capabilities and decent CBD products, but they are also WAY overpriced for what you get and will take a hit in stock price when oil prices tumble, but it will slowly recover to the "giant stage."

    Niche small companies will do fine if they adapt, play their cards wisely and concentrate on a single type of product, opting for a very high-end quality product. Becoming a Rolls Royce at a Volvo price, not a Dodge at…well, a Dodge price, will keep a product in demand and respected.

    I could be full of it, but one look at hemp and crude prices through 2019 tells a cautionary tale. The industry should brace for shock.

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