What is Delta 8 THC? The Whatever Guy

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  1. mix a glob of it into a couple ml of mct coconut oil and you have edible delta 8 thc
    it's 100% better than opiates and I can tell you personally delta 8 thc edibles can help you get off of opiates completely

  2. Drug testing is what I’ve been nervous about. With hemp being legal but accumulating in the system and the lack of testing to determine the difference between D8 and D9 I’ve been scared of failing a job drug test. I tried going all day yesterday without anything until last night and it was miserable. Tried to light my preroll last night and the wind kept knocking it out. Dumb winter. lol

  3. This is kind of a big video idea, but have you ever seen them make the delta 8 distillate at the facility? It would be so cool to see how they make the distillate for Delta 8.
    There's many vids on youtube for how they make the distillate for delta 9 (bubble washers, butane extraction, etc) but I havent seen any for Delta 8.
    Thanks for the videos man

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