What Happens In Your Brain When You Get High? | The REAL Science Behind Smoking Weed | ??

Everything you need to know about why weed affects you the way it does including when it makes you cry, paranoid, hungry, and when it has no effect at all!


  1. I can't even explainnnn the trip I went on trying an edible for the first time. Did the common mistake of eating too much (2 full brownies) because I didn't "feel it" after about 20 minutes???. I really went to the sunken place trying to lay down. I spiralled to oblivion.

  2. Never really got “high” from smoking. But my first time eating an “edible”, I’m pretty sure I died for about 12 hours.? i remember everyone coming in the room to check on me but I couldn’t move or say anything. The ceiling/ceiling fan look liked heaven gates. I finally woke up & started throwing-up my guts. (tmi: my “passings” smelled like weed for like 4 days)

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